Why did Katappa kill Baahubali? Among the many such guesses that were made on social media, one answer on Quora is going viral now. (Source: Sushant Dahal/Quora)

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion hit the silver screens in April this year to widespread praise. While the blockbuster continues to rake in money and break records, it also happened to answer the question that was on the minds of almost all Indians - Why did Katappa kill Baahubali? Until a day before the film released, there were discussions, debates, arguments and open-ended polls on the many reasons that could have led the loyal Katappa to kill Baahubali. Among the many such guesses that were made on social media, one answer is going viral now. Guess why? Because a Quora user happened to guess exactly what the reason was, on July 18, 2015!

Sushant Dahal, whose bio descibes him as a resident of Bengaluru and a student of Sambhram Institute of Technology decided to answer the question on his profile. This is what he wrote.

(Source: Sushant Dahal/Quora)

“My guess would be:
1. Amarendra Bahubali and Bhalladeva both fall in love with same girl; Devsena. But Devsena chooses Amarendra Bahubali as she falls for his kind nature; loosing both the kingdom and girl made Bhalladeva frustated and hence, “Bhalladeva” with the support of his father, plots conspiracy against Amarendra Bahubali, and manages to convince the queen Sivagami and she orders Katappa to kill “Amarendra Bahubali”. Even though Katappa likes him, he has to follow his queen’s order, and so, he kills Amarendra Bahubali. He regrets this all his life and waiting for a chance to correct his mistake. 
2. After queen orders Katappa to kill “Amarendra Bahubali”, she realises the true intention of Bhalladeva; only to be late enough that “Amarendra Bahubali” is killed and Bhalladeva trying to overtake the throne and kill the child too.

This is the story i can guess, one that matches the hints provided.”

Written on July 18, 2015, his answer now has 116.5k Views and 542 Upvotes on the site. While there are people who, seemingly after having watched Baahubali 2, have expressed their awe at his precision, it is interesting to see many who disagreed with his “guess” back in 2015.

(Source: Sushant Dahal/Quora)

(Source: Sushant DahalQuora)


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