11 Bollywood Movies You Wouldn't Want To Watch With Your Parents!

 11 Bollywood Movies You Wouldn't Want To Watch With Your Parents!

Bollywood movies are definitely something which bind us all together. Remember all the movies you've gone to watch with your family as a kid? Even, with your extended family and elders. Well, those were the good old, rosy times! And now? 

Well, I am sure times have changed. But you still want to take your mom and elders out for a movie because you feel guilty about not spending enough time with them. You hunt down your phone's app trying to pick out one decent movie which might enjoy with your parents. But alas, there's nothing else apart from Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. And at that very thought, you drop the plan. 

Yes, such are the times these days! It's bloody tough to pick out a movie to watch with your elders, because our dear Bollywood has moved on. And it's good that it has moved to a much more intense, mature, and grown up phase. 

But it just spells trouble for your family plans. While we're sure it's tough to figure out which family entertainers you can safely watch with your parents, here's a list of 11 Bollywood movies which you definitely must NOT watch with them! You know, unless you're feeling suicidal!

1. Hunterr

Those who have seen the movie would know that actually it's a great movie for the youth. It deals with sensitive matters like sex addiction, pre-marital sex, arranged marriages in today's era, and is a must watch for the younger generation. But watching a film on these matters with your parents can be very uncomfortable!

2. Masti (series)


There's no doubt about the fact that all the movies from the Masti series have been hilarious! In fact, it won't be wrong to say that the first one was the best one, even though the next two films also have been really good comedies. Only catch, it's all too sexual! We doubt you'd want to watch a sex comedy with your elders, right?

3. Kya Kool Hain Hum (series)

 Kya Kool Hain Hum

When you talk of sex comedies, this one has got to be a little vulgar! We're sure it's a good time pass flick to watch with your buddies and have a great laugh. But with your parents? A big No!

4. Delhi Belly

Delhi Belly 

Remember how this movie created kind of a revolution when it first released? And why not! It had a totally different story line, it was in English language, it had a very modern treatment, and it had expletives, lots of them! Unless you want to keep hiding your face every five minutes, it's not a great flick to watch with your parents!

5. Dev D

Dev D 

This is one movie which our country's youth accepted wholeheartedly! Anurag Kashyap's modern rendition of Devdas won many hearts, and created a new brand of cinema. But owing to it's pretty modern storyline, and some very steamy scenes, it's better you avoid watching it with your elders.
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6. Gangs Of Wasseypur

Gangs Of Wasseypur 

We know the movie was loaded with abuses. But when you add some gory violence to it, it becomes a deadly combination! And sprinkle it with some steamy scenes. It gives you a perfect movie which is not to be enjoyed with your parents!

7. BA Pass

BA Pass 

This one is definitely a strict no no to watch with your family. A young lad is lured by mature women to sleep with them in return for money. Yes, you wouldn't want to watch a gigolo story with your family! Plus, it's not only about the hot scenes, the movie is equally dark as well.

8. Hate Story (series)

Hate Story  

If you've seen the rushes of upcoming film, Hate Story 3, you'd know what we're talking about! And even the first two movies from the series had some super steamy scenes. If you want to save yourself some embarrassment, don't watch the movie with your parents!

9. Sins


If you're a movie buff, you'd definitely know about this hugely controversial movie starring Shiney Ahuja which was all about sex and some more sex! Well, now you know which movie definitely NOT to watch with your elders!

10. Jism (series)


Well, well! What do we have here! The first one had some extremely hot scenes between John Abraham and Bipasha Basu, and the second one had Sunny Leone. Period!

11. Ragini MMS 

Ragini MMS  

Horror mixed with sex is always a good combination, no? Well, Ragini MMS was precisely that! Even though it was a horror movie, it had a lot of steamy scenes, which would make you very, very uncomfortable if you were to watch it with your parents!


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