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Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering 3rd Year (V -VI Semester) Aktu Lecture Notes


NCS- 505 Computer Architecture

Unit I: Introduction:. Digital computer generation, computer types and classifications, functional units and their interconnections, buses, bus architecture, types of buses and bus arbitration. Register, bus and memory transfer. Central Processing Unit: Addition and subtraction of signed numbers, look ahead carry adders. Multiplication: Signed operand multiplication, Booths algorithm and array multiplier. Division and logic operations. Floating point arithmetic operation Processor organization, general register organization, stack organization and addressing modes.

Unit II: Control Unit: Instruction types, formats, instruction cycles and subcycles ( fetch and 8execute etc) , micro-operations, execution of a complete instruction. Hardwire and microprogrammed control: microprogramme sequencing, wide branch addressing, microinstruction with next address field, pre-fetching microinstructions, concept of horizontal and vertical microprogramming.

Unit III: Memory: Basic concept and hierarchy, semiconductor RAM memories, 2D & 2 1/2D memory organization. ROM memories. Cache memories: concept and design issues 9
performance, address mapping and replacement) Auxiliary memories: magnetic disk,magnetic tape and optical disks Virtual memory: concept implementation.

Unit IV :Input / Output: Peripheral devices, I/O interface, I/O ports, Interrupts: interrupt hardware, types of interrupts and exceptions. Modes of Data Transfer: Programmed I/O, interrupt initiated I/O and Direct Memory Access., I/O channels and processors.Serial Communication: Synchronous & asynchronous communication, standard communication interfaces.

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NCS- 505 Computer Architecture 

Unit I- Introduction:
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Unit II- Control Unit: [Preview ##eye##]

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Unit III- Memory: [Preview ##eye##]Click Here to Download

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