10 Most Professionally Amazing Jobs In The World That Will Make You Quit Your Job Right Away

 10 Most Professionally Amazing Jobs In The World

These days, the definition of jobs has changed; earlier, it was fun, but now things have become very stressful. Sometimes, it takes a toll on your health and all you wish is to have a secured and an amazing job, right? You might be bored of your routine, but there are some people who are very lucky and have got the best jobs in the world! If you think the words “Amazing” and “Jobs” don’t go together, you are wrong. Check out this list of some awesome jobs, that’ll make you feel jealous.

1. Island caretaker:

 Job - Island caretaker

This is officially known as the best job in the world which involved a role of promoting the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef to the world. Basically, the job included swimming, snorkeling, mixing up with locales and maintaining a blog and photo diary. This offer was for 6 months and included return airfare and accommodation.

Salary package: Rs 96.12 lakhs!

2. Chocolate taster

Job - Chocolate taster  

Who does not dream to be in a world full of chocolates? Chocolate consultants work in a variety of sectors which ranges from various high street chocolate brands to some more niche categories.All they need to do is keep on tasting chocolates and keep giving honest feedback. They have no other responsibility.

Salary package: Rs 34 lakhs

3. Professional sleeper

Job - Professional sleeper 

There are many different roles that a professional sleeper has to pay; sometimes, a sleeper is required to test brain activity and heart rate while sleeping, while sometimes the need is for testing duvets, mattresses and beds.

Salary package: Rs 40 lakhs

4. Beer tasters

Job - Beer tasters 

If you love sipping glasses after glasses of bear, this was just for you. The job involves tasting the different beers and giving suggestion. One thing we would like to clear here;you need to have a good and strong stamina to drink them one after the other.

Salary package: Rs 35 lakhs

5. Professional zombie

Job - Professional zombie 

This profession is for People who love to scare others. The London Dungeons Experience currently employs 50 staff members to dress up as the living dead and scare the visitors around. Haha, this is surely a fun experience, isn’t it? Who wouldn’t like to have a job that involves so many pranks.

Salary package: Rs 4000 for 8 hours.

6. Water slide tester

Job - Water slide tester 

You need travel to sunny destinations to test out the slides which would further ensure a better and water splash vacation to the visitors.

Salary package: Rs 16 lakhs


7. Google photographer on bike

 Job - Google photographer on bike

Google has officially hired two men to ride around France on dopey on tricycles to click up photos of historical sites which are not accessible by car. It’s a fun ride because one can get to explore the serene nature and reach places wherein there are no visitors.

Salary package: Rs 21 lakhs

8. Hotel Reviewer

Job - Hotel Reviewer 

You can stay in the hotel and review about the facilities given by the hotel staff. The hotel does not charge you a single penny; just stay there, have fun and enjoy everything that you get.

Salary package: Rs 17 lakhs

9. Condom tester

Job - Condom tester 

Did you know, Durex marketing manager Sam White was hiring Australians over the age of 18 who could apply for one of 200 positions as a c0nd0m tester? All those guys got a good chance to have fun with girls; later, they had to review the c0nd0ms. Mazze hain…

Salary package: Rs 21 lakhs

10. Rented Boyfriend

Job - Rented Boyfriend 

Yes, you are paid to act like a boyfriend. There is website called with hundred of thousands of friends from around the world available for hire. Be with girls and get paid, LOL!

Salary package: Rs 3428 per hour

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