Download Aktu(UPTU) B.TECH- CSE ,Sem 5th PPL (Principle of Programming Language) Lecture Notes

Principle of Programming Language

Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering 3rd Year (V -VI Semester) Aktu Lecture Notes

NCS- 602 Principle of Programming Language

Unit I: Introduction The Role of Programming Languages: Why Study Programming Languages, Towards Higher-Level languages, Programming paradigms, Programming environments
Language Description: Syntactic structure, language Translation Issues: Programming language Syntax, Stages in translation, Formal translation Models

Unit II: Language Properties Modeling Language Properties, Elementary Data Types, Encapsulation, Inheritance,Sequence Control, Subprogram Control

Unit III: Programming Paradigms Imperative Programming: Statements, Types, Procedure Activations Object-Oriented Programming: Grouping Of Data and Operations, object oriented
programming Functional Programming: Elements, Programming in a Typed language, Programming with lists


Unit IV: Other Programming Paradigms Logic Programming, Concurrent Programming, Network Programming , Language Description: Semantic Methods

 Unit V: Lambda Calculus Introduction to Lambda Calculus, Simple types, Subtyping

Text books:
1. “Programming Languages: Design and Implementations” , Terrance W.Pratt, Marvin V.Zelkowitz, T.V.Gopal,Fourth ed.,Prentice Hall
2. “Programming Language Design Concept”, David A. Watt, Willey India
3. “Programming languages: Concepts and Constucts”, Ravi Sethi, Second Ed.,Pearson.
4. “Types and programming Languages”, Benjamin C. Pierce. The MIT Press Cambridge,Massachusetts London, England

1. Concepts of Programming Languages, Robert W. Sebesta, 10
th Ed.,Pearson



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