6 Super Succesful Indian Beggars Who’d Make You Rethink Your Career Choices

 6 Super Succesful Indian Beggars

Considering it’s still early in the month, you probably haven’t blown all your money on alcohol and the food you eat after it.

But still, you’ve worked hard for that money, right? You’ve slogged for at least a whole week and pretended to slog for 3 so that you could collect all this sexy cash. But not all are lucky enough or privileged enough to take advantage of educational and vocational opportunities.

Some make do with ingenuity, perseverance and guile to succeed. Much like 6 of India’s most well-known beggars who give us a fresh perspective on success.

#1 Bharat Jain


A resident of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus area, Bharat Jain one of India’s most prolific beggars. the 49-year-old has made it to countless publications for his painstakingly accumulated wealth. Allegedly, the man makes ₹75,000 a month which is why he has not quit his profession to join his family’s business despite being repeatedly requested.

He owns 2 flats in Parel roughly worth ₹80 lakh and rents out a property of his to a juice vendor for about ₹10,000 to ₹20,000 a month.


#2 Malana Khan


Lokhandwala remains one of West Mumbai’s swankier locations, teaming with struggling actors and people who will hopefully notice them. Here’s where Malana Khan practises his trade. Known as “Massu” to his friends, he has turned begging into a science. Arriving at the location precisely at 8 and continuing to beg till the area’s nightlife closes down.

The owner of a flat in Andheri West, he takes a rickshaw to his designated spot, changes into appropriate attire and makes about ₹1000 and up on a good night, targeting people who stream out of the area’s pubs and restaurants.

#3 Laxmi Das


After 44 years of begging, Laxmi Das accumulated up to 90 kilos of coins which she used to open an account and qualify for a credit card.

She began at the age of 16, and according to her sister was incredibly frugal and possessive of her coins. Some of the coins were minted in the past and are out of circulation, however a spokesperson for the CBI, Shantanu Neogy said that the bank would accept them regardless.

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#4. Krishna Kumar Gite:


The man who has made his living primarily near CP tank in Mumbai is a bit of an urban legend for the residents of the area.

He owns property in the Nallasopara area of Mumbai and leaves handling all his finances to his brother.

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#5. Sarvatia Devi


A resident of Patna, Sarvatia Devi who had been begging for 25 years after her husband’s death left her looking for new avenues.

But after a lengthy career, she has gathered a decent amount by frequenting pilgrimage spots where she claims the police don’t bother her. Over time she purchased two insurance policies for which she pays a premium of 36,000 a year.

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#6 Sambhaji Kale


Kale and his family of four beg in the Khar area of Western Mumbai.

Reportedly, he has done very well for himself, being the owner of a flat in Virar as well as land in the Solapur district.

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