Try This Hack To get Jio Prime for free

It’s no hack. It’s the easiest thing in the world!


Reliance Jio just keeps on giving people reason to go for their offers. It may not be the best 4G out there (their coverage still patchy), but it is tenacious as hell. Even when the wonderful honeymoon period of free 4G data came to an end, Jio gave the people another chance to enjoy its premium services at a very nominal fee.

Between March 1 and 31, customers have had an opportunity to enrol for the Jio Prime subscription at an annual fee of Rs 99 following which it would receive the "prime" privileges at barely Rs 10 a day. But even with that window period coming to an end, Reliance is not ready to let go and is here to entice its customer-base with another neat trick.

Once the Prime window ends, customers would have to pay Rs 99 a month to avail the offers under it. But there’s a really easy way to avoid doing that altogether, and making around 12 bucks a year at the same time.

Enter Jio Money.

For customers who want to avail Prime rates, all they have to do is recharge using Jio money. Under a new offer, Jio is giving a Rs 50 cashback on every recharge you do using your Jio Money. So, if you pay for your Prime subscription (Rs 99) through Jio Money, you will get a cashback of Rs 50. Post that when you recharge your prime plan (Rs 303), using Jio Money of course, you will once again receive a Rs 50 cashback. In total you receive Rs 100 cashback which covers your Rs 99 Prime membership fee.

Not only is Reliance Jio now giving you another reason to stick to Prime, it is also killing several more birds with this one stone. For starters, it is hitting right back at Vodafone.

In the wake of Jio Prime's Rs 303/month offer, Vodafone launched a new pack which offers the same benefits at Rs 346/month. Where Vodafone managed to go ahead of Jio is in the fact that while the latter's offer is only available for "Prime" customers, the former did not have any such restriction.

Vodafone's masterstroke was inclusiveness. But that no longer seems to be an issue. As long as you use Jio Money to recharge your phone, you don’t have to worry about having to purchase the Prime subscription.

Additionally, this is an offer that is going to boost Jio Money. Post-demonetisation, e-wallets have become more popular than ever, and with Paytm dominating a market that has become extremely lucrative all of a sudden, everyone wants the lion’s share. The sure shot way to make one’s mark in this ultra-competitive market is to offer the customers something unique - something that gives them an edge over the others.

Mukesh Ambani sure knows how to stay on top of the game......

Source: Dailyo

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