7 Types Of Dips To Try This Monsoon

For all those occasions you'll be spending holed up in your room because of the heat, we've curated a list of 7 easy-to-make and delicious dips. Instead of the salsa or mayonnaise, get a bit more adventurous with these dips.

1) Grilled Pineapple Salsa:


Salsa is great, it's fun and our go-to food at all house parties. Mix things up a bit by preparing a simple salsa using only tomato and chunks of grilled pineapple with lots of pineapple juice. Serve with a bowl of crunchy nachos and dip in!

2) Rainbow Raita Dip:


This is our take on the classic Indian raita. A curd dip is really refreshing in the summer, add to it finely chopped capsicum in yellow, red and green and voila you have your rainbow raita dip!

3) Spicy Watermelon Dip:


This dip will definitely help you get rid of all that extra watermelon you have in the fridge. This unusual combination is surprisingly tasty. Flavours of mint, cilantro and coconut water will keep the dip tasting cool and fresh. Serve it with your best tangy chips.

4) Eggplant Dip:


This dip requires roasted eggplant to be mashed and mixed with spices and lemon juice. Avoid making the mixture too smooth, in order to not lose its texture. Serve with pita bread or crackers.

5) Roasted Garlic and Tomato Dip:


Roast your garlic well for this while blending the tomato with generous amounts of cream. This dip is definitely an upgrade from plain old tomato dips and the garlic adds that element of surprise! Serve this with bagel or chips and enjoy!

6) Beetroot and Mint Dip:

A vibrant and healthy dip favoured with cumin, this is healthy and a favourite amongst beetroot lovers. It has plenty of lemon juice to keep it tangy and fresh. Serve this with cheesy nachos at a brunch and be the favourite amongst your guests.

7) Amla Pudina Dip:


Amla is best known for its nutritive value. This dip is a great way of including amla in your diet. While adding the mint, use rock salt instead of regular salt for best flavour. Use peanuts to add some crunch to it. Serve it with samosas or other fried snacks.

Source:NDTV Goodtime

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