Adult website to shell out money to one lucky individual, the reason for which, has nothing to do with adult content.

To say that PornHub entertains would be an understatement, however, truth be told that is what the website has been doing for years.

It would, thus, be natural that they take great care to ensure that their content is good enough so that their user base remains, and watches more porn.

And now, they have decided that they will do something big for their user base and the website is shelling out $25,000 to one particularly talented young individual.

They have asked for a video.

But not for the talents that they are known to promote.

They are asking for video submissions where the person explains how they will contribute to the world’s better future.

They also expect a 1000 and above word essay displaying your leadership qualities and dedication to a better future.

However, there is a catch, understandably.

There are a few requirements which need be made when it comes to participating. Being a website that caters to adult content, the person applying needs to be above 18. The person has to have a GPA higher than 3.2 and needs to be enrolled in a full-time college course.

While it is not known whether foreign nationals can apply, the crippling education loans in USA are a problem rampant amongst college graduates and it seems PornHub stepping in to help.

PornHub, it seems, really cares.

PornHub cares 


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