Russian Scientists Kept Prisoners Awake For 30 Days! The Result Is Horrifying

 Russian Scientists Kept Prisoners Awake For 30 Days! The Result Is Horrifying

Remember watching the horror movies where some sadistic killer tortures a poor soul. Cutting off the limbs of a person or pulling off his teeth with a pliers. Who can forget the ugly experiments of Dr. Frankenstein. 

The gruesome sickening experiment of The Human Centipede or the horrendous torture traps of SAW series. The depiction of evil people doing evil things has never failed to scare the hell out of us. The fact that it’s all fiction is consoling. 

We think that all the bad evil nasty things happen only in the movies, real world is not like that. There are no monsters, who do evil things to good people. But what if I told you, truth is stranger than the fiction. The real world is full of evil, extremely vile and sickening.


Back in the day scientific experiments were mainly performed on the prisoners and culprits. It was a common practice to punish the enemies of the country. One similar experiment happened in 1940, when Russian researchers kept five people awake for fifteen days using an experimental gas based stimulant. 

These five people, the test subjects enemies of thew state during WWII. And then a horrifying experiment was conducted on them.

*What you’re about to read is truly horrifying…disturbing…*

Five people were kept awake to conduct the sleep experiment

An experimental gas based stimulant was used to keep them awake in a chamber. Their vitals were monitored to see if the gas toxicity doesn’t harm them. The prisoners had microphones and five inch thick glass porthole sized windows into the chamber. They had books, fresh water and toilet, dried food which could last a month. They were promised to be free if they did not sleep for 30 days. After the fourth day, their tone of conversation among themselves became dark. They started showing signs of paranoia.

Horror Scientific Experiments

After five days, they started displaying severe paranoia. They complained about their circumstances and actions.

All the prisoners stopped talking to each other. They started whispering to the microphone. The prisoners thought they could win the trust of the experimenters by turning over their fellow prisoners.

Russian Gas Chamber Prissioner

By the tenth day, they were screaming and yelling.

One of the prisoners became so paranoid and disturbed that he started running back and forth the length of the chamber. He screamed at the top of his lungs for three hours straight. Soon his screams became squeaks, the doctors assumed that he had physically torn his vocal cords.

Russian Gas Chamber Prissioner

And then there was a complete silence, no sounds from the inside…

The researchers were surprised as they had not heard a single sound from the inside. They even checked the microphones hourly to see if they are functioning properly or not. The oxygen consumption was very high, their level of oxygen consumption was as same as a person would consume after an exhausting workout.

Russian Gas Chamber Prissioner

On the morning of the 14th day the researchers used the intercom to elicit a response. They said,

“Step back, step away from the door. We are opening the chamber doors and entering inside to test the microphones. You are instructed to lie flat on the floor, if you don’t obey the order then you will be shot. Your compliance will earn you freedom.”

Soon a calm response came from the inside,

“We no longer want to be freed.

On the fifteenth day, at midnight, they opened the chamber.

They flushed out they stimulant gas and the fresh air was filled. And soon the microphone echoed with voices, voices begging to turn on the gas. The researchers sent the soldiers to retrieve the prisoners from inside. When they entered the chamber, they saw four of the five subjects were still breathing, but none of them were in the state to be called ‘alive’. They saw that the food ration of past five days had not been touched. Flesh from the dead test subject’s thighs were missing, and his chest was stuffed into the drain, blocking the drain. As a result the room was flooded with four inches of water.

Russian Gas Chamber Prissioner

The four alive test subjects were missing a large portion of their muscle and skin.

Their torn away flesh wounds indicted that some of their wounds were self-inflicted, their abdominal organs were missing. They had become so weak, their lungs were visible through the rib-cage. From a close observation it became clear that they were feeding on their own flesh for days.

When the soldiers tried to bring them outside, they resorted to violence.

They don’t want to be freed, they put up a fierce fight against the soldiers. The prisoners ripped out the throat of one of the soldiers, one of the prisoners severed the leg artery of a soldier by biting him. In this fight 1 prisoner and 5 soldiers lost their lives. The remaining three test subjects were moved to a medical facility where they were kept restrained. Surgeries were performed on the two test subjects, but without an anesthetic because they won’t stop laughing.

Russian Gas Chamber Prissioner

When the researchers asked them why they had ripped out their own guts, and why they wanted to go inside the chamber again.

A voice said,

“I must remain awake.”

The operating commander offered the remaining two test subjects and three researchers to be sealed inside the chamber.

One of the researchers shot the commander, and then killed the mute test subject.

 Russian Gas Chamber Prissioner

The researcher pointed his gun at the last test subject. He screamed at him, and said,


The subject smiled and said,
“Have you forgotten so easily?”

“We are you.”

After hearing this, the researcher paused, and shoot the subject in the heart.

As the subject closed his eyes, he said,

“So… nearly… free…”

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