ICC Champions Trophy is just a couple of days away and top eight of the will for the title for 18 days. We see new
being introduced by International Cricket Council every now and then to enhance the experience of the game.

In this year’s Champions Trophy, ICC has decided to come up a with a new innovative idea. The batsmen of all the eight teams will be using ‘Smart Bats’ which will have a chip installed in them. It will help track the movement of the batsmen and will provide a whole new experience for the fans of cricket.

A Cricket Bat (Photo Credits: Cricket Country via Getty Images)

According to Xtratime.com, International Cricket Council has partnered with Intel to provide such a feature in the game. This year Champions Trophy is regarded as the first ever ‘Smart Cricket Tournament’.

This new technology will help the coaches and players to improve performance. Only three batters from each eight teams will play with such bats. This will definitely give a new experience to one and all. Spidercam along with drone cameras will also be used for the first time in the tournament.

This new feature included by the ICC will help take the game to the new level of development altogether. We have been seeing new innovations coming and thus the game has changed drastically in last one decade.

Hawkeye cameras are installed in the stadium to judge the LBW decision. With all this new technology coming into the game, we will be expecting some ‘smart cricket’ in future. No doubt technology has brought a lot of changes to the game of cricket and all these new innovations will help the game get better.

For India, those batsmen could be Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni. The hosts England will kick start the tournament campaign against Bangladesh on June 1 at Kennington Oval, London.


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