Increase your knowledge by enrolling in these courses and strengthen your CV today!

Companies are keen to hire people who are specialists in their field of knowledge. Studying the right course can help increase your chances of landing a better job in the domain you desire. This shows the employer that you have gone the extra mile to deepen your understanding of your chosen field and are also equipped with knowledge superior to your peers!

Increase your knowledge by enrolling in the below courses and strengthen your CV today!



With the growth of the internet, computer programming is now a necessary skill and one that can boost your resume! This free course from the prestigious MIT will not only teach you the basics of algorithms, but also introduce you to one of the most popular programming languages- Python. Enroll Now

Course Name: Introduction to Computer Science & Programming Using Python

Time per week – 15 hours only!

Institute – MIT



Do you dream of being an entrepreneur and breaking free from the rules of someone else's business? Learn the business skills and startup mindset needed to embark on your entrepreneurial path from MIT’s premier program for aspiring entrepreneurs, MIT Launch! This course will help you take the leap of faith by removing the initial hurdles associated with entrepreneurship. Enroll Now!

Course Name: Becoming An Entrepreneur
Time per week – 1-3 hours only!

Institute – MIT



The most important part of any company is its people. The best managers are those that manage their team best and understand how to delegate effectively. This course from India's top B-school, IIM Bangalore, teaches you how to overcome challenges faced by first time managers and learn the different aspects of people management. Fast track your way to management by earning a verified certificate in People Management today! Enroll Now.

Course Name: People Management

Time per week – 4 hours only!

Institute – IIM Bangalore



In recent years, businesses have strived to improve productivity and quality, reduce costs and delivery times, and embrace flexibility and innovation. Given this increased focus on efficiency & cost cutting, the role of Operation Managers becomes critical.  This course from IIM Bangalore helps you to understand the role of an OM in a firm and to develop abilities to structure and solve operations related problems. The course will empower you with skills to address important aspects of business operations including capacity, productivity, quality, and supply chain. Enroll Now!

Course Name: Operations Management

Time per week – 5-7 hours only!

Institute – IIM Bangalore



Computer science is set to be the new universal business language. Having a verified certificate in this language is a huge plus point while applying to jobs as well as educational institutes. Every organization needs more and more individuals who are well versed with computer science. This free course from the prestigious Harvard University will not only teach you the basics of algorithms, but also introduce you to the most popular programming languages. Enroll Now

Course Name: Introduction to Computer Science

Time per week – 4-6 hours only!

Institute – Harvard University



R is rapidly becoming the leading language in data science and statistics. Today, R is the tool of choice for data science professionals in every industry and field. Whether you are a full-time number cruncher, or just the occasional data analyst, R will suit your needs. 

This course from Microsoft will help you master the basics of R and help you gain an edge when applying for Big Data jobs! Enroll Now!

Course Name: Introduction to R for Data Science

Time per week – 2 hours per week only!
Institute – Microsoft



Data science is all set to be the next sector for unicorns! With the advent of IoT, everything and everyone will be connected; which means that companies have the unique opportunity to gain insights into consumers like never before, by applying data science & statistics. This course from the prestigious Columbia Univeristy will teach you how data scientists exercise statistical thinking in designing data collection, derive insights from visualizing data, obtain supporting evidence for data-based decisions and construct models for predicting future trends from data. Enroll Now!

Course Name: Statistical Thinking for Data Science & Analytics

Time per week – 7-10 per week only!
Institute – Columbia University



In this computer science course from Microsoft, developed in collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), get the knowledge and skills you need to use R, the statistical programming language for data scientists, in the field of your choice. Enroll Now!

Course Name: Programming with R for Data Science

Time per week – 4-8 hours per week only!

Institute – Microsoft



Processing data is going to become a desirable and essential skill in your career. By 2018, the US will experience a shortage of 190,000 skilled data scientists, and 1.5 million managers and analysts who can handle big data. This is the perfect time to begin your Data Science journey and this course from Microsoft is the perfect platform to build that base!

This is the first stop in the Data Science curriculum from Microsoft. Enroll Now!

Course Name: Data Science Orientation

Time per week – 2-4 hours per week only!
Institute – Microsoft
Your future is waiting for you to shape it! In today's world, everyone needs to stand out to make sure their career is outstanding. Choose the course that helps you increase your domain knowledge and fast-track your career today


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