WATCH: Spiritual guru slams girl for questions over Lord Shiva

Spiritual guru slams girl for questions over Lord Shiva

In a video that is going viral on the social media, a spiritual guru can be seen slamming a young girl for questions over Lord Shiva. The video has been viewed over 18 lakh people so far. 

viral video spiritual guru slams girl

In this video, a 21-year-old girl named Tosha Chaudhary asked the guru why people waste so much milk in Shiva temples. She added that people don’t think that this milk is actually wasted but in Bollywood movies like ‘Oh My God’ and ‘PK’, these activities are openly objected.

However, the girl cleared that her point is only that people should not use too much of milk in these temples. The question didn’t go well with the guru who replied by asking, “Do you know why people offer milk at Shiva temples?” 

When the girl didn’t give any reply, the guru who is known by the name Thakur ji slammed her by saying this is the biggest problem of this generation. These youngsters don’t know anything and neither do they want to listen to anyone.

Watch the incident here:

“Anything that an actor says in a Bollywood, is right for them,” he added. Thakur ji was surely not impressed with the question and almost lost her temper at the girl. 

Understanding the heat of the moment, Tosha’s brother who was also present at the venue stood up and calrified that he brought his sister to the event so that she could learn something. Guruji, however, later came back to the question and gave an answer after which the girl replied, ‘radhe radhe’ and sat down.

Tosha had some other questions for the guru as well as for the people. She said while people talk of environment conversation throughout the year, they don’t hold back when Holi comes. 

“Just to carry out a practice, people cut many trees without evening thinking. Is that right?” she questioned. Some people on social media claimed that this is on old video but it was shared on YouTube on 4th April.



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