Day 1 Collections Of #FF8 Witness A Huge Jump, Bollywood Movies To Face Tough Competition!

Fast and Furious 8

Hollywood movies taking an opening as similar to Bollywood movies in India is surely not something we witness much often.

With Fast and Furious 8 the game is surely going to change. The movie which already has a successful franchise is getting more popular in India and it is all thanks to the change of taste of our audience.

Nowadays people prefer movies which have entertainment and content both together.

Fast and Furious 8 had paid preview shows yesterday and the collections from the preview show itself proved that the movie will grow this weekend. As we already reported, it made 8.50 Crore on preview shows.

The first-day collections are out and the results are surely going to make us happy. The collections saw a huge jump on Day 1 and it made 14 Crores.

The total collections of paid preview and 1st-day show are 22.50 Crores.

Here’s what Taran Adarsh tweeted:

The business Fast and Furious 8 did in one day is as good as any Bollywood movie with a good star cast.

Fast and Furious 8

We are really happy with the progress of Hollywood movies in India, what do you guys think?


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