Social Trade Biz SCAM – Where Is Your Money? | UP Police Unearth Rs 3,700 Cr Online Fraud Involving 7 Lakh People, 3 Held

UP Special Task Force has unearthed one of the biggest online frauds claimed to be around Rs 3,700 crore which was being run under the guise of online trading.

Three people have been arrested and further investigation is on.

Preliminary investigation revealed that a company called Ablaze Info Solutions Limited, located in Noida Sector-63, duped around 7 lakh people and took an investment of approximately Rs 3,700 crore from them under the ‘Earn Rs 5 per click’ scheme.

Social Trade – Bank Account Seized after the SCAM 

Police seized their bank account and they are able to track 500 crores of transactions and temporarily their bank account is freeze for further investigation.

Social Trade was a link exchange portal where people have to take a Package then they used to get the daily work of link, though which they used to earn money. Seeing the easy money lakhs of people from India joined Social Trade instantly.

People used to get Rs. 5 per link click and they can opt for any package between Rs. 5750 to Rs. 57,500. Members used to earn money according to their package amount.

"The accused persons were running a web portal — social — where an investor has to pay from Rs 5,750 to Rs 57,500 in the company's account to become the member and earn Rs 5 per click. So far, we managed to track around Rs 500 crore and already seized the company's bank accounts," police said.

They used to constantly change their company's name to evade arrest. Some of the companies they floated to dupe people are: to,, etc.

Latest News:

  • Anubhav Mittal Release by Police (3 PM – 2 Feb 2017 )
  • Anubhav Mittal Arrested (6 AM – 2 Feb 2017)
  • Rs. 3700 Crore Scam
  • Fooled 7 Lakh People

As per the very Recent Report (3 PM), Anubhav Mittal Has been released Now. But its high time that people should understand the core mechanism of the company. So that people invest their hard earned money wisely.

What About Your Money Now:

Since, the users are not getting paid , Their is a huge anger and fear among social trade members. People are really worried about the future of the company s they have put their hard earned money into it.

Though the Company has changed the owner ship from Ablaze Info Private limited to 3W Private Limited. So, it is difficult to understand wether the people will get their money back, if in case the company closes its operations. Only time will tell but we can understand from what happened with Speak Asia

In October When the company was getting paced up, then only Devbhoomi channel did a special coverage over their News. But people did not understood the exact work process and Invested Money. Just have a look.

Now, As per the latest News by Anubhav Mittal, CEO of Social Trade, Social Trade will change to

As MLM is illegal in India, Ablaze Social Trade is not able to operate it on MLM process. Hence, Social Trade is launching Frenzzup which will be exact similar to Facebook. 

Here users can share their post, videos and images and earn at the same time by liking others posts. 

  • Frenzzup Status: Not Started Yet(2/2/2017)
  • Minimum Joining: Free
  • Work Type: Manage Pages Like Facebook, NO MLM

Source:News18 | Trickideas 

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