What Is | Where is Your Social Trade Pending Money ?

Yesterday UP Special Task Force unearthed one of the biggest online frauds claimed to be around Rs 3,700 crore which was being run under the guise of online trading. 

Social Trade was charged with fraud of Rs.3700 Crore and fooled more than 7 lakh people within just 1 year. Anubhav Mittal, CEO Ablaze Info Private Limited was arrested and has been charged of Fraud and Money laundering, all though released today at 3pm .

Now, As per the latest News by Anubhav Mittal, CEO of Social Trade, Social Trade will change to

As MLM is illegal in India, Ablaze Social Trade is not able to operate it on MLM process. Hence, Social Trade is launching Frenzzup which will be exact similar to Facebook. Here users can share their post, videos and images and earn at the same time by liking others posts.

So, Now What is ? and How Will You Earn? is the New website of Social Trade which does not work on MLM. This website comes under 3W Digital Private Limited and has the head office in Noida itself where Ablaze Info Com was established. Although their is no MLM stratergy in Frenzup but you can still earn money by using it. is exactly same as Facebook, where you can upload Videos, Pictures, Status and Connect with your friends and other people. You will earn money by liking the post that you see on your timeline. Frenzup is absolutely Free for everybody and has amazing features:

  • Upload Pictures, Videos and Status
  • Make Friends
  • Like, Comment and Share on others Posts
  • Earn Money by Daily Click Task
  • Make your Business Pages
  • Chat with Friends
  • Regular updation in Frenzup Timeline like facebook

In Frenzzb, Users will have to click on other’s post to earn money daily with task. You will also get a Free Product with every Id Activation. Also, the Frenzzup site will be activated on 30th January.

How To Join Frenzzup Login?

  • You will see a Red Disclaimer (Don’t get afraid of it :D). Just Click on “I have Read and I Agree” >> Click “Go TO Website“ login

  • Now, Just Login with your Old Social Trade Id & Password.frenzzup login

  • If you are a New user, then Click on SignUp and Make a Free ID.

How to Create Page On

  • You can easily create a page on Frenzzub. You can use your old Social Trade Password and Id.

  • Login to your Frenzup Social Trade Account.

  • On left side, Click on Create Page under Pages.frenzzup create page

  • When a New Window will Open, Select Category, Subcategory for you page

  • Now, Enter Your Company/Page Name, Description and Click Next. (Same as you do for Facebook)

  • Upload the Profile Picture & Click on Finish.

  • That’s All! Your Frenzup Page will be created Instantly & You can post Images, Videos and status and start earning money through it.

#Note: Frenzzup has not yet Started(2/2/2017), We will update it when the site will be live.

How to Register on Frenzup Site?

  • Enter all your Details like Name, Email Id, Mobile Number and Password.
  • Now Click on SignUp button.
  • That’s All Your Frihub account is ready to be used.

Frenzzup Plans & Packages:

All the plans are exactly same as Social Trade Plans. You can see all the Plans below:

ST Plans    Plan Cost
STP 10      Rs.5750
STP 20      Rs.11500
STP 50      Rs.28750
STP 100    Rs.57500
STP 200    Rs.1,15,000

How much you can Earn With Frezzup Per Package:

Frenzzup 10 Package – Rs.5750

Member Gets 10 Links daily
Income 10 x 5 = Rs.50 Daily for 12 Months
Binary Capping – Rs.50,000
Links after Booster = 20
Free Product: Not yet Disclosed

Frenzzup 20 Package – Rs.11500

Member Gets 20 Links daily
Income 20 x 5 = Rs.100 Daily for 12 Months
Binary Capping – Rs.75,000
Links after Booster = 40
Free Product: Not yet Disclosed

Frenzzup 50 Package – Rs.28500

Member Gets 50 Links daily
Income 50 x 5 = Rs.250 Daily for 12 Months
Binary Capping – Rs.2,00,000
Links after Booster = 100
Free Product: Not yet Disclosed

Frenzzup 100 Package – Rs.57500

Member Gets 125 Links daily
Income 125 x 5 = Rs.250 Daily for 12 Months
Binary Capping – Rs.2,00,000
Links after Booster = 250
Free Product: Not yet Disclosed

Frenzzp 200 Package – Rs.1,15,000

Member Gets 200 Links daily
Income 200 x 5 = Rs.1000 Daily for 12 Months
Binary Capping – Rs.2,00,000
Links after Booster = 400
Free Product: Not yet Disclosed

Now you will only be charged 5% T.D.S and No Admin fee. Which is surely a good news for everyone. Moreover, Your earning completely depends upon the package your select. Higher the investment, more will be profit.

Important Details of using Frenzzup Site:

  • Anyone can easily enroll with in Profit Sharing Program.

  • will provide a chance to all its page owners to Earn Money with a Profit Sharing Program.

  • As frens does not have Many users in the starting. So, Fri Hub Will Hire Other’s Pages for the Advertisements Posts.

  • There Will be Slots Available on all the Pages for advertisements.

  • Total Number of Ads Depends upon the Number of ePoints Purchased by that user, 500 & Above= (ePoints/500).

  • will pay Rs.40 per ad post to the owner of the page.

Terms & Conditions for Page Ads

  • The Page should be Active Page.

  • It should have a Proper Display Image & Cover Image.

  • Must have Minimum 100 People Connected to the page.

  • Minimum 1 Post is required every day.

  • The Page should not belong to some third party if it is the third party, then a self-declaration from the actual owner is required.

Frenzzup Company Address:

Head Office:

DW Info Pvt. Ltd.

F-472, 2nd Floor, Sector 63,

Noida – Uttar Pradesh, India

P.O. Box Number : 201301

Frenzzup Legal Documents:

As of now, all the legal documents of Frenzzup are same as Social Trade because both companies.

Social Trade Frenzzup Pan Card

Freenzup Certificatesocial trade ceritifcate

Is Frenzzup Scam, Frenzzup Review:

You must surely be thinking if Frenzzup company is a scam or not. Frenzzup is another company of Social Trade. As we all know MLM is illegal in India so Social Trade is changing their way of working so that the company can continue.

For about the last month, company is giving several excuse for the payment not being processed. According to different news stories, Social Trade is a Big time fraud company which has fooled lakhs of Indians from the Day 1 of the company establishment. So Now the Question arises, Is company  finding various ways to fool around people by coming up with new sites like Frihub, Intmaart and Now Frenzzup?

So Now, It all Up To You , Did You Think it is a Scam or You just believe that company has now come up with better business model !

 However, They have said that the company business model has now changed and become better. But in reality keeping a dead person on ventilator does not make him alive!

Plz Share Your Views,updates and Opinions on the Story with us in the Comment Box Below!

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