More people participated in the women's march than those that came out on Trump's inauguration day, according to official data provided by Metro and DC offices.

Hundreds of thousands of people took part in the Women’s March in Washington, DC a day after Donald Trump began his presidency. 

Not just in the American capital city, but around the world, hundreds of people came out in large number to fight for women’s right and equality. 

The organisers of the event even upped their crowd attendance estimate from 200,000 to 500,000.

With jam-packed streets and subway trains, Metro officials wrote on Twitter that they experienced “extremely large crowds”, with many stations “at capacity”. 

They said the crowd was more than eight times on a normal Saturday and mostly importantly even busier than most weekdays!

Hundreds of thousands of marchers fill the street during a Women's March demonstration in Washington, DC, U.S., January 21, 2017. REUTERS/Bryan Woolston TPX IMAGES OF THE DAYHundreds of thousands of marchers fill the street during a Women’s March demonstration in Washington, DC, US, on January 21, 2017. (Source: Reuters)

As aerial images of crowded streets flooded social media, Netizens took it upon themselves to post parallel pictures showing the attendance at Trump’s inauguration concert or the swearing-in ceremony at Capitol Hill.

Earlier, people had posted juxtaposing photos of the crowd from Obama’s 2009 inauguration ceremony alongside 2017 inauguration day programme. People even posted pictures of empty trains and stations on Trump’s D-day versus those for the women’s march day.

Since the National Park Service has been barred from spending money to count crowds or release the figure to the public, an official tally of the crowd at either event is now impossible to get. But keeping in mind the POTUS’ claim of an unparalleled event at the Lincoln Memorial, it seems Twitterati has no plans to settle that ‘figure debate’ any time soon.

This is what Metro services and media had to say.

Metro Ridership as of 11am: 275k. For comparison, that's more than 8x a normal Sat & even busier than most weekdays.  

Metro ridership as of 4 p.m. = >597k with heavy crowds entering the system at all downtown stations. 

Photos taken at 12:15 p.m. ET each day show Trump's inauguration crowd vs. the 

In Chicago, large crowds come out for Women's March the day after Pres. Donald Trump's inauguration 

Check out how people highlighted the difference in footfalls

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One of these is the Women's March. The other is the Inauguration. Take a wild guess which is which...
Estimated Crowds:

Trump Inauguration: 250,000

DC : 500,000+
LA: 750,000+
NYC: 400,000+
Chicago: 250,000+

No contest.

This is what in an inauguration is supposed to look like. It's the women's march on the national mall today.
Aerial photos make clear that far more people attended the Women's March than Trump's inauguration. I hope members of Congress note that.

Thanks to everyone in this video at The @womensmarch in DC & other cities throughout our country and the world!!  

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1. My train to the inauguration;
2. My train to the Women's March — or it was supposed to be, but it was too full for me to get on.

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Photos of the Shady Grove Metro station currently. Hearing it's an hour wait to get on the train. O____o 

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This last picture is the women's march, not the inauguration...
Really folks, today's  was at least twice size of Trump Inaugural. Though, we all been told, it's not the size that matters...
Every history book written from now on will juxtapose photos of the inauguration crowd with photos of the Women's March. This is history.

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