The untold story of PM Narendra Modi from his Childhood

It was at night-time, bitter cold and the incident was happening on the edge of a jungle in Madhya Pradesh where the youths reposing after attending an RSS camp.The Swayamsevaks in the camp had spread their mats on the hard floor for their sleep.

But a particular youngster did not show any indication of going to sleep and seemed to be in deep thought

One swayamsevak asked him ‘ Hey what is bothering you. Why dont you sleep? We have to get up early to-morrow.’

‘No I am not able to sleep after having heard what the villagers had told us during the day’, the youth replied .

‘”The government had sanctioned 50000 cycles for the poor tribals at a nominal cost of rupees 25 each. Only 30000 was on paper. The officials had sold off the remaining 20000. Even after this only 2000 reached the poor tribals”.

On hearing that the youth felt sad and angry at the same time. ‘ If I ever get the power my first job will be to eradicate such corruption’ he said.

‘We are not supposed to enter the corridors of power; don’t worry, we can’t even dream of such things, go to sleep, we have to leave early in the morning for the next village.’

But it was nearly daybreak when sleep embraced him. That youth is none other than Narendra Damodhardas Modi, Prime Minister of India today


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