Felling Exam-Related Stress, Try Out These 3 Magical Steps And Come Out On Top

Sore eyes, an out-of-the-bed look, a stack of rough notes, sample test papers and stationary spread all over the study table — this is a common site when exams are round the corner. Shabnam Khan, a counsellor, says, "We are getting calls from students and majority of them complain about stress and lack of sleep due to tension.

As the time for board exams approach, one starts feeling more anxious and tense. But we tell students that they need to relax, as tension will not only affect their health but also impact their concentration levels which can be harmful at this point of time. In such circumstances, yoga has been known to work wonders to soothe the ruffled nerves."

There is so much to do — read and learn the subjects thoroughly, clear doubts and master key areas that will help score well. But to do all this, there's little time left, which indeed results in pressure. No matter how one tries to stay strong, just talk about boards and even the smartest of the lot can get butterflies in their stomach. We tell you how to deal with exam related stress and come out on top.

Yoga and meditation are the best remedy 

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Exam phobia is very common among students, due to which they are not able to concentrate on their studies. Counsellor Gaurav Shrivastava says, "Yoga and meditation are the best remedy to ease stress and increase one's concentration levels. We guide the students to meditate at least for 20 minutes in the morning which will not only energise them but also give them peace of mind and help them study with full concentration."

Mann Tiwari, a Class XII student, says, "I have made yoga and meditation a part of my routine. Every morning, I perform Surya Namaskar and then meditate for 15 minutes. Yoga and meditation have been part of my schedule since Class X. I used to be under so much stress that I had many sleepless nights, but Yoga and meditation has turned out to be the best remedies and it has also helped me increase my concentration level." Shailendra Shyamsunder, a yoga trainer, says," There are some aasanas that are really helpful in overcoming stress. Doing pranayam soothes the nervous system and helps get over anxiety and phobia."

Eat healthy

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No matter how hard you work to get the exam preparations going, it is all futile if it isn't supported by a healthy diet. Amita Singh, a city based nutritionist, says, "It is necessary to eat healthy during exams. This is the time when students have to put in extra efforts and long hours of study can result in weight loss. At times, students neglect eating, which in turn adversely affects their health. Parents should ensure that their children eat small but frequent meals to have a steady stream of energy. Adequate amount of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables should be included in their routine diet and junk food should be avoided at all costs. Also, plenty of fluids and water intake (at least 8-10 glasses a day) should be ensured to keep the body hydrated."

Indulge in outdoor games 

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We all know that it's important to maintain a healthy balance between studies and sports, which can relax the mind during exams and parents should understand this. Umashankar Nagayach, a parent, says, "My daughter is in Class XII and is preparing for her board examinations. She used to neglect physical activity and would spend hours studying. As a result, one day she complained of backache and we realised that her habit of not taking part in any outdoor activity had an adverse impact. We made changes in her routine after consulting a doctor. Now she goes cycling with friends. Besides this, she takes a brisk walk and enjoys skipping too."

Abhishek Dubey, a Class XII student, says, "I started my final preparation in December, but I ensure that I take regular breaks. I am a cricket lover and a day spent without playing is a day wasted for me. I have a schedule set by my mother. Though, I don't like hitting the gym, but running and jogging are involved in my daily routine and playing cricket in the evening also helps me get back to studies with a fresh mind."


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