Download Aktu (UPTU) B.TECH- CSE/IT ,Sem 7th DS (DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS) Lecture Notes


Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering 4rd Year (VII-VIII Semester) Aktu Lecture Notes



  • Characterization of Distributed Systems: Introduction, Examples of distributed Systems, Resource sharing and the Web Challenges. Architectural models, Fundamental Models.   
  • Theoretical Foundation for Distributed System: Limitation of Distributed system, absence of global clock, shared memory, Logical clocks,Lamport’s& vectors logical clocks.
  • Concepts in Message Passing Systems: causal order, total order, total causal order, Techniques for Message Ordering, Causal ordering of messages, global state, termination detection.


  • Distributed Mutual Exclusion: Classification of distributed mutual exclusion, requirement of mutual exclusion theorem, Token based and non token based algorithms, performance metric for distributed mutual exclusion algorithms.
  • Distributed Deadlock Detection: system model, resource Vs communication deadlocks, deadlockprevention, avoidance, detection & resolution, centralized dead lock detection, distributed dead lock detection, path pushing algorithms, edge chasing algorithms.


  • Agreement Protocols: Introduction, System models, classification of Agreement Problem,Byzantine agreement problem, Consensus problem, Interactive consistency Problem, Solution to Byzantine Agreement problem, Application of Agreement problem, Atomic Commit in Distributed Database system.
  • Distributed Resource Management: Issues in distributed File Systems, Mechanism for buildingdistributed file systems, Design issues in Distributed Shared Memory, Algorithm for Implementation of Distributed Shared Memory.


  • Failure Recovery in Distributed Systems: Concepts in Backward and Forward recovery, Recoveryin Concurrent systems, Obtaining consistent Checkpoints, Recovery in Distributed Database Systems.
  • Fault Tolerance: Issues in Fault Tolerance, Commit Protocols, Voting protocols, Dynamicvotingprotocols.

Unit –V:

  • Transactions and Concurrency Control: Transactions, Nested transactions, Locks, OptimisticConcurrency control, Timestamp ordering, Comparison of methods for concurrency control.
  • Distributed Transactions: Flat and nested distributed transactions, Atomic Commit protocols,Concurrency control in distributed transactions, Distributed deadlocks, Transaction recovery. Replication: System model

Text Books:
  1. Singhal & Shivaratri, "Advanced Concept in Operating Systems", McGraw Hill
  2. Ramakrishna, Gehrke,” Database Management Systems”, McGraw Hill
  3. Vijay K.Garg Elements of Distributed Compuitng , Wiley
  4. Coulouris, Dollimore, Kindberg, "Distributed System: Concepts and Design”, Pearson Education
  5. Tenanuanbaum, Steen,” Distributed Systems”, PHI
  6. Gerald Tel, "Distributed Algorithms", Cambridge University Press


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