Heart-Shaped Boob Challenge Is The Latest Trend That Has Taken Chinese Social Media By Storm

Heart-Shaped Boob Challenge

The internet is full of weird concepts and challenges a lot of which originate from China. After the one-finger selfie challenge here is another bizarre body challenge called the ‘heart-shaped boob challenge’. Going by the latest trend, women are making heart shapes with their breasts and posting it on social networking sites. 

The trend has attracted quite some traction with thousands of women taking to the internet to post pictures of their breasts in the shape of a heart. Chinese social media is now pouring with images of women posing for the breast challenge. As per reports, the trend began after a hostess live streamed the same to gain more followers thus starting the challenge.

It triggered after someone on Weibo said that woman with small breast cannot complete the challenge. Men were also quick to follow suit posting hilarious pictures of their breasts.

 However, such challenges have always raised concerns among experts about how such body challenge promotes wrong beauty ideas among women. 

These obsessions are believed to be promoted to generated acceptance on social media about one’s body image which is not required. 

While the photos are shared widely on Weibo some are also posted on Instagram. Here are some of them:

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As per reports some of the images were removed by Chinese online censors as they were considered inappropriate. Earlier this month, showing the flexibility of fingers was another popular challenge among Chinese social media users. 

 ‘Belly button challenge’ was another challenge in which participants have to touch their navels by reach around their backs. It was to find out if the people needed to lose weight. Holding coins on collarbone was yet another bizarre challenge for women. As per rules the more coins a woman could carry, the more beautiful they were.


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