Logic Behind These 7 Mysterious Magic

The very best moments of any child during childhood are visiting a circus or a magician. We are happy to see them perform. From creating money from plain papers to putting a rabbit out of a hat to cutting his assistant into half. We have all seen these tricks and enjoyed.

But, now since I have grown older, I have done some research into how the magicians are able to pull these tricks and have been able to find the solutions to some of these tricks.

So, Check this out 😀

1. The floating Woman

The board on which the woman is lying is held up by a metal rod

The floating Woman

2. Cutting the body apart

One model is already present in the box and the second one goes in and occupies the left space. And, we thought that she is being cut in half.

Cutting the body apart 

3. Curved Boxes

This how a body slides in and then the magician puzzle it out.

Curved Boxes

4. Micheal Jackson Dance Trick

This trick of MJ really left people in shock. So the shoes are to be made stuck in this mould.

Micheal Jackson Dance Trick

5. Again cutting the body

The model shrinks her body to occupy only one half while artificial legs are attached to the other side for giving the illusion to the spectators.

Again cutting the body

6. The Floating Baba sitting in Air

In fact, there is a whole setup which the Babaji is hiding in his clothes 🙂

Again cutting the body

7. Into the Air

There is a hiding platform 😛

Into the Air

So, now you know how the magicians pull off such impossible looking tricks and make money..

But, we all love to see these tricks 🙂

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