This Lord of the Drinks promises not to rest on its laurels

 Lord of the Drinks, Delhi’s popular resto-bars

Lord of the Drinks, one of Delhi’s popular resto-bars has shifted base to suburban Andheri. Located in a lane next to the Little Door, this is an extensive space spread over 8,500 square feet. Divided into an upper and lower section, with a bar for each one, this lord definitely stands tall.

Ambience: With a minimalistic theme, the decor of Lord of the Drinks is earthy, bathed in yellow lighting, with lighting fixtures that make quite a statement with their retro and futuristic look. When we dropped by, they were still adding the finishing touches to the place and awaiting alcohol licenses.

Food: A mix of contemporary Indian and Indian fusion dishes, the focus is on bar grub that pairs well with the extensive drinks list that they intend to offer. From the menu, we recommend you try the Speedy Nachos (Rs 280) prepared with white massa nachos, loaded with cheese and served with sliced jalapenos, sour cream and salsa to go. 

Another pick would be the Crispy Chilli Lamb (Rs 400), pulled lamb, tossed in chilly and soy. It’s the perfect accompaniment with your beer, this one will leave you asking for seconds. The Tender Coconut galangal soup (Rs 230) is another hearty dish that takes care of your veg intake. Sliced baby corn, carrots, broccoli and mushroom float in this lightly galangal flavoured broth prepared with silky coconut milk.

 Finish that off with A Paan Ice Cream Martini (Rs 400), not cloyingly sweet, this one retains the flavour of the paan and yet is subtle and not heavy on the palate. The shot glass of thandai is a great addition.

Verdict: If you are looking for a new hangout that can accommodate a huge crowd, Lord of the Drinks, fits the bill. Apart from the food and drinks, you can click usies perched on a metallic throne (which has a striking resemblance to the iron throne from fantasy drama series Game of Thrones). The throne is a permanent fixture at the Delhi outlet and will also find a place in the Mumbai one. The food and drinks, a selfie attraction and a live DJ complete the trinity that promises an eventful nightout experience.

AT: Lord of the Drinks, Aver House, New Link Road


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