Modi Effect: The Indian Army Walked Into The Delhi Airport And The Video Will Move You!

 Indian Army Gets a Rapturous Applause at Delhi Airport

The internet is filled with stories that will tell you tales about our soldiers, that you wished were not true. From the alleged deplorable condition of food served at base camps to the fate of whistle-blowers within the army, there are umpteen instances to cite the plight of jawans. Jawans who are guarding borders and taking bullets, just to ensure we get our good night’s sleep!

However, there seems to be a turnabout and we have Prime Minister Narendra Modi to thank. Not long ago, in one of his speeches, had urged, ‘Can we make effort slowly and develop a tradition to show respect to our defence forces?’

Recently, the Indian Army walked into a huge welcome and thunderous applause when they entered the Indira Gandhi International airport in Delhi. Major Gaurav Arya took to Twitter to share the video which is now going viral.

He told Indian Express,

“Indian Troops were returning from a UN mission (you can see them in sky blue berets and turbans) and landed at Indira Gandhi International Airport today at 0300 hrs. The soldiers and officers were greeted on arrival by spontaneous applause by the staff and also other passengers. I have never seen this happening in India. Reaction to this is simply fantastic, in the Army. They feel honoured and loved.”

Needless to say, reactions started pouring in and it is only making my chest swell with pride.

1. Jai Hind

2. We must!


4. Applause-worthy!

5. Even Anupam Kher shares the sentiment. 

Now, if this isn’t moving, what is!?



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