This Woman Was Fired From Work For 'Being Too Attractive'. What The Actual F**k?


When you are hired for a job, the idea is to make yourself indispensable, to own up to your role and do your best.

Emma Hulse also had similar plans when she joined her new workplace.

The 24 year old woman joined London TV channel as a freelancer but claims that she was asked to leave for ‘being too attractive’.

In an interview to a paper, Emma explained that her manager asked her if she was a model and the agency thought that she was cat walking around the place, while she says she was dressed appropriately for the job.

She is blessed with good looks, though. Not questioning that.

But asking someone to leave just because they are hot? What kind of joke is this?

Well, too bad for the company for losing such a beautiful face.

Photo: © Instagram (Main Image)


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