#MWC 2017 Nokia 3310 First Look : Iconic mobile returns with a battery that lasts a month - and yes it has Snake

#MWC 2017 Nokia 3310 First Look

The iconic Nokia 3310 has been relaunched by HMD Global today at it exclusive event ahead of #MWC 2017. With its new peppy colours but still the same ‘featured phone’ look, Nokia 3310 boasts of a 22 hour talktime and a month long stand-by.

The phone will be available in four different colours - Warm Red and Yellow, both with a gloss finish, and Dark Blue and Grey both with a matte finish.

The Nokia 3310 will be on sale at an average global retail price of €49 (Rs 3,500 approx). As a highlight, the iconic 'Snake' game was also launched at the event.

Watch the Nokia 3310 LIVE:

Here are some exclusive images of the the Nokia 3310 shot by Siddhartha Sharma of

#MWC 2017 Nokia 3310 First Look

#MWC 2017 Nokia 3310 First Look

#MWC 2017 Nokia 3310 First Look

Feature     Old Nokia 3310            New Nokia 3310
**Weight**           133g                                                  79.6g
**Camera**           none                                                 2MP
**Battery life**     Up to two weeks if you're lucky      A month on standby
**Snake?**           Yes                                                   Yes - but it's not the same
**Price**               £129.99                                            €49 (£41)
**Released**        Q4 2000                                           Q2 2017

Play classic Snake
  • Use the arrow keys to direct the snake around the screen and eat the dots. 

  • The more dots the snake eats, the longer it grows and the higher your score.

  • Avoid causing the snake to eat itself, and use the arrow keys to start the game again.


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