The Guy Who Offered A 5 Star Valentine Day Date In Exchange Of iPhone 7 Got Over 2000 Applications!


Finding love is a difficult task in itself; the perseverance it takes to keep going at it after endless epic fails is not something everyone will sign up for.

But again loneliness is a bigger bitch, especially in the month of February when couples are swarming all over celebrating the Valentine’s Day.

While all you single people were self-loathing and consoling yourself, this young man took matters into his own hands and decided to score him a date by bribing women to a romantic dinner at The Oberoi and iPhone 7. Now if you think that was ridiculous, you are in for a shock.

Shakul Gupta posted an advertisement for himself on his Facebook profile, urging women to come on a date with him to Oberoi and score a chance to win iPhone 7 of their choice! (his words, not mine)


Who want to be my Valentine? 

Dinner at Oberoi, Gurgaon.
iPhone 7 (Brand new of your choice)Memorable moments.
Checkout my profile below, and if you are interested, comment me or message me. 

You can add me on FB here 

- Entrepreneur- Audi A4- @pic yes it's the sky bar 63rd floor (from hangover 2)- Pet friendly- 160CM- 55KG
Fun fact:-- 2 person who said I'm beautiful. My mom and James Blunt.
- Used to be fat, got fitter now. Shows dedication.- Can eat a 12" pizza by myself.- Sweet talker, able to convince a 100kg lady that she looks like Taylor Swift.
I can:-- Make you laugh at anytime- Answer rocket science queries
————————————————I won't:-- Gamble- Drink

Now, if you thought why any self respecting individual would even entertain this man’s idea of romantic conquest, you are in for a shock.

Shakun got over 2000 applications out of which the guy and his team (wait, what?) filtered out 5 best girls who made the cut to win themselves that coveted date at Oberoi.

He posted pictures of his rendezvous and literally shocked the world.


For those of you doubting the authenticity of his story, this man has it all figured out. He posted a legit bill from the Oberoi as proof.


What ridicules me the most, apart from the entire story of course, is that he had a dedicated team to sift through the applications and find him his date!


Well, for those of you who missed out on the opportunity, Shakun has promised there will be next time.

Until then, rest in peace sanity.


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