Read about these 5 Things before the Valentine's Day , your boring single life will become an interesting one..............

5 things to do when you’re single on the Valentine’s day

Valentine Week is Underway, Congratulations to all those who are committed, they might be understanding everything. For all those who are single pinned with their ignorance, we are  here to help you out. We are going to tell you how you will be doing something good to yourself  in coming future instead of Cracking Bajrang Dal Joke's. How can You change your status from single to committed. How can you approach your soulmate, and which are the stupid things things you should avoid to take your relationship to new height.

Read about these 5 Things before the Valentine's Day , your boring single life will become an interesting one..............

1.Avoid Any Such Kind Of Article!

Valentine’s day - i got nothing

Want to do something good to yourself then first stop visiting those sites who put their things in ten points .These poor folk writer sitting in front of Computer are just filling the quorum . They have to write 10 write points  and they will write any how. What are to going to expect from them but Now you have reached here then read this entire post , you are really going to get something............

2. Hurry, What for what?

Valentine’s day -hurry

Is their any Assignment? Is 14th February is last last of Submission? or Is it the Last Date? listen don't show any sort of hurry ar rush ,you don't have to catch a midnight last bus!  It's About love and their is no fixed time for Love, Go Slow! Proposing on Proposed Day doesn't means that you will get your love. Now Read this beautiful lines.........


न घबरा तू कब तक प्रपोजल के अटकने पे रोएगा.मोहब्बत काम सरकारी है, होते- होते ही होएगा.

3. Don't Say that I'm Different!

Valentine’s day -I am Different

Did you Proposed to any he/she  ? Have you got the Reply or Not?  but tell us  that while approaching have ever text  "I'm kinda different", or not? Nothing will have yours , every common man of the country , keep repeating this line! Even this line have nothing special in itself.

If you are 'Special' than it will reflect , give a chance to yourself to reflect that 'Special'.

4. Listen Don't Go Mad!

Valentine’s day -SRK Dar

Have watched the SRK's 'Dar?'that crazy guy gets a feeling of love? he feels that forceful  and repetitive proposes to girl will show that no one else can love her more than him! Isn't that stupid, I think you are not Stupid!

By the way this type of Ultimate skills are shown by some Ultimate Guys and no girl like these Ultimate guys and these skill will ensure her that he is going to be a real headache for her tommorow, so she will Strand.

5.Don't Rush For Phone Calls

Valentine Day- Who is it

During this time Cellular companies try to take the complete benefits, all your unlimited  packs just freeze ,so it is only going to provide relax to your pocket if you don't make excessive calls during this period and secondly  during these day parents too are on alert mode,as there is red alert on 26 January . If your going Good than instead of making excessive calls to your 'Jannu' just keep calm and go easy ,it is only going to rest you.

So, What to Do? stay calm and don't lose your manners. Love is not just about a Week or so. Give a new start during these days, if it works then it's good enough else keep your heart focused and continue your efforts. Love is not a traffic plan which will only last for a week, it is a life time plan.

And listen if there is Green Signal then just try to avoid those parks, after all your are sensible and intelligent enough but it is hard to explain them...........


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