Samsung Galaxy Note devices are path-breaking as they were the first official devices that spread the "phablet" trend.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 spelled class and style for millions of users across the globe. Samsung, which managed to rise to the top position in multiple economies across the world had planned to outsmart Apple iPhone this time around. Next year being the 10th year of iPhones, Apple plans to launch a path-breaking device and many felt that all of Apple’s energies are invested too much in this and the iPhone 7 has been ignored. 

Though there were certain changes made to the iPhone 7 upon launch, it wasn’t really anything too innovative. Most of it was been there, seen that. So when Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launched with the Iris Scanner, it seemed to be the best bet to dethrone iPhone and for Samsung to gain an inroad into the markets which were previously Apple’s stronghold. But unfortunately as we all know, things did not go as planned.

Once Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launched, within the first week itself, there were reports of users calling in and complaining that their devices are blasting. While phones blasting is not something new and in the initial days, Samsung officials were skeptical to believe that there was a problem in the phone and that it was not a one-off thing. 

However, more and more people began to complain and the media took up the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 blasting issue aggressively. It was not just in one region. Users from all over the world complained that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones were bursting. While the matter was not half as serious in India where Samsung had just announced the phone and the actual launch was still some days away, it did cause concern to governing bodies as people did manage to lay their hands on the phones abroad and then use them in the country, leading to risks.

Samsung, once the problem was identified, was quick in issuing a recall. The initial research clearly established that the problem with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was the battery.  The problem area was identified. According to initial research, the scans of damaged Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices showed that the phones batteries tended to bulge and when too much pressure was applied, they burst. But the reason for the bulge was still unknown. 

They did determine the problem and quickly proceeded to provide a solution. However,what they failed to do and what was expected of them was doing an in-depth analysis. Sure, there were the meetings and the speculations but then the one thing missing was news of a Samsung team cracking down on the problem. Samsung instead simply took the easy way out – changing suppliers. 

Samsung gets batteries from 2 suppliers and all the devices which came with the bursting problem were said to be from the same supplier. So then, Samsung simply requested Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners to deposit their devices for a replacement device and interchanged the batteries.

Samsung replaced batteries from the second smartphone provider in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and began to quickly ship out the modified devices. However, turns out, it’s problems were far from over. Soon, reports of even the safe devices bursting began to filter in. Samsung was at a loss of how to deal with the entire situation. 

Initially, people who had purchased Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones agreeably returned them with less than 10 [percent demanding a refund. Samsung had been a strong brand in the past and had definitely done great in terms of sales. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 being the flagship device was path-breaking in every way and it was a strong device. People did not wish to lose their phones plus Samsung had been pretty active in recalling the devices. 

As no explanation was given for the blasts except stating a faulty battery, people did not bother too much or analyse the issue in depth. Once the recalled units were replaced, they hoped their phones would be good as new and ready for use. However, Samsung as well as customers were in for a bigger disappointment.

The batteries from the other supplier too were not stable. Reports began to come in from China where Samsung uses batteries from the second supplier and though Samsung dismissed some of these claims, they simply could not ignore the issue when people with supposedly “safe” devices began to report the same problem. 

The safe phones had purportedly burnt down houses, hotel rooms, destroyed cars and even burst in flights leading to great fears and flights getting cancelled! Most countries banned these phones from flights and passengers would now have to go through a check top ensure their phones were not Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units. 

Though the phone was launched only in certain countries, passengers on flights using the devices posed serious risk to other passengers. Samsung had detailed talks with DGCA in India and the authorities warned passengers against the dangers of using the phone in flight. After a whole lot of hullabaloo and Samsung’s completely inability to identify the issue, Samsung had to finally call off the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It was the death of one of the most brilliant devices.

Top officials at Samsung apologised for the disaster Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was but then all things done and said, even after the demise of the device, the one thing baffling all users is how the phone actually turned into such a disaster. Before launch, each and every aspect of phones are rigorously tested and it is only after clearing this test that the device is approved and put out on shelves. 

Although companies tend to fudge a bit on their test results in order to make the device more alluring, a gaffe of this nature should have been spotted early on, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users did not stress the phone in any way nor did they tweak the device. They simply used it in their normal way. 

Was the battery itself defective? Does not seem so as the replacement ought to have worked. Was it the internal circuitry? Or in trying to make a slim, powerful device, did Samsung over burden the battery? Was there something wrong with the way the internals are put together and their connections? Well, we don’t know.

And the problem is, Samsung doesn’t seem to know either! So when they had to actually shelve off their pride, their entire Samsung Galaxy Note 7 range, that is when Samsung actually woke up to the seriousness of the issue. That is when those tests began. Tests that should have been done before the phone actually launched or atleast once the faulty battery blast stories began to filter in. 

Samsung kept it for too late. Not only did it lead to Samsung losing on customers, they shook the trust that they had built up over the years as a strong brand that could make every smartphone dream come true. While Samsung officials are still battling to understand the cause behind the trouble, news of the next batch of phones and plans already getting affected is doing rounds. 

Samsung is requesting people to return their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices and are offering other Samsung phones in exchange or a refund. In some countries, Samsung is also offering a voucher to people buying other Samsung phones instead of taking a refund, thanking them for their trust in a brand. In India, Samsung is replacing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 orders with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or Samsung galaxy S7, depending on the individual’s choice.

According to latest reports, Samsung is now planning to change their trend of launching 2 flagship smartphones a year and instead, stick to just one device. While there has been no official confirmation of this, it might be wise for Samsung to take this step and conduct thorough tests, especially on pressure-intensive smartphones and devices to avert further disaster. 

Another news that has recently filtered in is that the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is the next Samsung flagship phone is pushed back and won’t launch at the usual time. Samsung launches their first flagship of the year in around February-March and it sets the trend for the coming devices. However, when it comes to Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung wants to take no chance and is completely paranoid about safety. 

Teams working on Samsung Galaxy S8 have been asked to first understand the failure of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 before proceeding forward. Samsung is making sure there are no more glitches in it’s phone. Samsung Galaxy S8′s launch isn’t delayed by much but for the time being, is they find the pushed back by atleast 2 weeks or till the time they are able to find out the exact reason why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones were such a disaster. 

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8, there are going to be a lot of hopes pinned on Samsung and the phone maker will also have to ensure that all it’s sales lost from the premium segment are recovered, atleast partially though Samsung Galaxy S8. The heat is on Samsung and this time, they will have to deliver.
Samsung Galaxy Note devices are path-breaking as they were the first official devices that spread the “phablet” trend. Samsung launched the first ever Note in 2011 and it was aimed to be for the elite, the creative audience. While smartphones were clinical, Note aimed to bring a fun element to it. 

Also, bringing the forgotten stylus back, Samsung created something fun out of the once obsolete and Samsung Galaxy Note phones became the rage. And thus, Samsung also set the trend for 2 smartphones launched per year. Samsung would launch their S series phones in the first half of the year and their Note series flagship in the second half. Samsung Galaxy Note series were always innovative, creative and tried to do something and think out of the box. 

Most often than not, they succeeded. They showed people how their phones could be large, non-bulky, powerful and fun all at once. the Note series has had a great run and a great history. But with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 failure and the loss caused to Samsung in billions apart from the environmental damage caused by the wastage of millions of devices, there’s today a question hanging over the entire series. Will we see a Note series phone in 2017? Or will Samsung galaxy Note phones become something of a collector’s edition?

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