Kangana Stuns Hrithik By Leaking A Picture

Heroine Kangana Ranaut is in no mood to budge in the direction of withdrawing from the Court case she's pursuing in Hrithik Roshan. Recently after strategically making mails of Kangana public, Hrithik's lawyer mentioned that his client has no relationship with Kangana other than the professional relation. It was even mentioned that Hrithik met her only on film sets and phone called her only 4 times in 7 years.

Responding to these claims, Kangana gave the best punch ever to Hrithik, by releasing the picture of her where Hrithik is seen getting cosy with her. Seems like a private party it is, and Hrithik is seen hugging her from the back and trying to caress her neck. If there is nothing like a relationship between them, if they are just professionals, are such gestures possible between them? We have to see how Hrithik responds to this.



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