(AP) The Afghan Football Federation plans to set up a meeting between Lionel Messi and five-year-old Afghan fan Martaza Ahmadi who became an internet sensation when photos circulated of him wearing an improvised Messi shirt made from a plastic bag.

Afghan federation spokesman Sayed Ali Kazemi said today they hope Messi can come to Afghanistan to visit the boy, but otherwise they will arrange to send him to Spain, where Messi plays with Barcelona, or arrange a meeting in a third country.

Pictures of Murtaza Ahmadi playing football near his home in eastern Ghazni province have been widely circulated. They show him wearing the plastic bag in blue and white stripes like the Argentina national shirt with Messi 10 written with marker.

The photo which was shared heavily by people in Kurdistan and Turkey gained momentum and soon a campaign was launched to help find the mystery kid in the hope of giving him a real Messi shirt and also the possibility of meeting his idol.

Soonafter, many came forward claiming to be the child in the photograph but, of course, those were all hoax. The identity and the face of the child was finally revealed when Robin Hirori, a football fan from Sweden, got in touch with the child and shared his photo on Twitter.

 The child was identified as Murtaza Ahmadi, living with his family in a remote village in the Ghazni province of Afghanistan. As proof, the child’s family sent Richard an image of the boy wearing the plastic bag and holding up a sign on which they had written Richard’s name.


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