This One-Man Electric Helicopter Will Make You Forget About Flying Cars and Hoverboards!
It’s 2016 and we still have yet to see a marketable hover board, and I’ll only slightly try to hide my disdain for that fact.

With that being said innovations in transportation are still a current demand, and Japan doesn’t disappoint with the things they’re creating.

The Hirobo BIT as it’s called, is a single person electric helicopter that could revolutionize how we travel in congested areas. What makes it so innovative? Well who else on your block is able to say they’ve piloted a single person helicopter? Just kidding.

But really, this $240,000 machine could easily be used to travel around the crowded cities of the world like Tokyo, New York City, even Delhi! It’s so small you could easily land it in your backyard or driveway for storage, and even take off from the same locations. It can even fit into most parking spots if you align the double rotors.

To fly this amazing beast of a machine, all you need is a little bit of working knowledge on joysticks. Obviously it’s probably a bit more technical than that, but you get the meaning, you use a joystick for in-flight navigation. Originally it was scheduled for a 2020 market release, but with everything going as well for the Hirobo team as it has been, we could easily see these for sale as early as next year.

It’s amazing to think how far we’ve come in aeronautics in such a short time; but hopefully I can get a new hover board sometime sooner than later!

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