A Man Rescues A Drowning Puppy, But What The Puppy Does Next Is Melting Hearts!

We share this world with animals, so we have to work together. People have not always had this attitude and some never will, but the world as a whole is beginning to recognize the sentience in non-human living things. Dogs have proven that they can think, feel and empathize, so when a dog is terrified and fighting for his life, he’s feeling the same way we would in such a situation. It’s nice to see some people are willing to go the extra mile to rescue an animal in need.

This video shows a man doing something even the most well-meaning animal lovers would have trouble attempting. Even without a fear of water or heights, this man was heading into a dangerous situation to rescue a dog. He is not the owner, nor does it appear that he knows the dog at all, but he rolls up his pant legs nonetheless. Great job, man!


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