14 Healthy Indian breakfast options to start the day on a yummy note!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should never be skipped. While Indians traditionally are used to eating a heavy breakfast, these days, with the hectic lives and the crazy corporate culture, they hardly manage to grab a bite before stepping out of their homes and leaving for work. And once that is done, it is either the unhealthy road-side snacks like samosas and vadas or the tasteless and dripping in oil canteen food. 
Breakfast is the first meal of the day and hence, also the most important meal. Thus, breakfast should never be skipped and it should be healthy.

There are many people who believe that because junk gets digested better during the day, it is absolutely alright to eat junk food for breakfast. However, while your body will digest and accept junk occasionally, over-burdening it with junk food daily, without any break will not aid your cause. 
You will definitely face health issues and just because you start your day on an absolutely unhealthy note, the repercussions will continue throughout the day. So then, what must you eat for breakfast?

Your breakfast items should be healthy, tasty and filling. Don’t over-eat but remember that your stomach has been empty the entire night. Eat till you feel relatively full, not completely full. 
Also, eat comparatively easy to digest foods as your digestive juices have been on a break all night and eating very heavy food will send your stomach in a down-spin, leaving you with a very full feeling and gas all day. Also, remember that if you are eating fruits, always eat them on an empty stomach or else they remain rotting inside and lead to health issues.

So then, what do you eat for breakfast? Read on!

1. Monday:

This is most often the most boring day of the week. Your week is just beginning and you’re low. On Mondays, eat breakfasts that are light and yet cheer you up. Also, if you’ve had a late night on Sunday, best to have a happy yet soothing breakfast. Here’s some options for Monday.

- Moong Dal Chilla

Moong dal is extremely nutritious and easy to digest. Add vegetables to the chilla with less spices to make more tasty and filling.

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- Thepla

Made with fenugreek leaves and whole wheat dough, this traditional Gujurati breakfast is extremely healthy as it is roasted and has the goodness of greens. Pair it with some healthy coriander and mint chutney instead of sauce or pickle and voila! Perfect breakfast ready!


2. Tuesday:

The second day, you’re feeling slightly better as the dread of Monday is finally over. In India, most people fast on Tuesdays and hence, coming up with tasty recipes for Tuesday breakfast is quite a task. Most people just have an apple or some fruits and take off. But just because you’re fasting, there’s no need to ignore health and have fun experimenting!

- Rajgira ki puri

No, you do not fry them. Bake them or roast them till crisp. Add some date chutney with pomegranate seeds and finely chopped apples on top with a hint of green chillies if you like and relish like your sev-puri!

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- Sabudana Khichdi

The typical, traditional Indian fast food. Add coarsely crushed peanuts with potatoes to the khichdi to make it more nutritious and tasty.

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3. Wednesday:

Now that Wednesday begins to roll around, your spirits rise too. Just 2 days to go and it will be Friday. Wednesdays are slightly celebratory in moods and hence, you want something that’s sure to go well with your peppy mood. Also, after the fasting done on Tuesdays, you really want something delicious!

- Dhokla

Not the yellow version but the white variety. White dhoklas are extremely healthy, nutritious and tasty. If making at home, go easy on the baking powder or eno and the don’t dip them in oil. Instead, pair them with a mix of tamarind and coriander chutney and enjoy the magic!

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- Hakka Sevai

Instead of your regular noodles, take your sevai or vermicelli and make it the Hakka noodles way with less oil and more veggies. You can also add some urad dal and chana dal to the tadka to give it more of an Indian twist.

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4. Thursday:

Another favourite day for Indians to fast. And here while we give you normal, regular foods, you can substitute them with your fast-food alternatives and enjoy! It’s not that difficult really. Just experiment a little and you should have fun recipes to share and hog!

- Porridge

Indians have always had their porridge or as they call it the kheer. Replace it with honey or jaggery instead of sugar. Alternatively, if you are fasting, use sabudana instead of rice.

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- Parathas

Have delicious stuffed parathas with curd and some chutney in the morning. Go easy on the butter or replace it with fresh, home made white butter instead of the salted one.

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5. Friday:

Yayyy! This is probably the happiest day of the week! The weekend is finally here, the drudgery about to end. Fridays call for yummy, happy dishes and here’s what you can enjoy on Friday:

- Dosa/Uthappam

The favourite Indian pancake, dosas and uthapams are very healthy. Add some onions and tomatoes to your uthapam to make it healthier. Alternatively, you can also add boiled potatoes to your dosa to make it a masala dosa.

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- Misal Pav

Contrary to popular belief, misal pav is extremely healthy as it has pulses. Just don’t add the oil and spice mix or add it in moderation. Namely, eat Usal pav. Also, replace the pav with Indian bhakri and you’re sorted!

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6. Saturday:

You’re lazy to cook as it’s Saturday but it is important to have something healthy and not skip breakfast. Opt for quick to eat and easy to digest foods as Saturdays are relatively slow and lazy.

- Rava upma

Easy to make and tasty to eat. Add some onions, peas, carrots and urad dal to your upma to make it tastier and healthier!

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- Daliya

One of the best and the most nutritious Indian breakfasts, you can make this sweet or tangy, depending on your tastebuds.

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7. Sunday:

The laziest day of the week, Sunday calls for quick to make yet heavy foods as Sunday breakfasts often turn to brunches. What’s quick to make, can be enjoyed in bed and yet give you that satisfaction? Read on:

- Poha

The Indian favourite and staple, poha makes for a great Sunday breakfast item. You have many versions like the kande pohe or the aloo poha. Add peas and some roasted groundnuts to the mix and top it with grated coconut for a wholesome brunch!

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- Idli

Little fluffy puffs of rice and urad, Idli is extremely healthy and nutritious. If you do not have time to make the sambhar, just stock some gunpowder at home or some molaga podi and pair it with idli.

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What’s your breakfast recipe? Let us know in comments!


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