11 Reasons To Date A Girl Who Drinks Whiskey

Reasons To Date A Girl Who Drinks Whiskey

Dating a girl who drinks whiskey takes a lot, but in the end she is absolutely worth the hunt.

Girl who drinks whisky is a distinct being, who has more going on in her mind than judging others in the bar/party upon their dresses. She isn’t loud and doesn’t fall off her chair after having herself drunk carelessly. She is way too self-conscious to let someone else take care of her. She is always alert and draws a line. She isn’t intimidated by others and all theses aspects make her the ideal girl that should be approached.

Here are 11 more reasons why you should date a girl who drinks whiskey.

1. She is not in hurry to get married and breed tiny humans.

Girl Drinks Whiskey 

Her aspirations go beyond the prospects of matrimony. She didn’t just grow up dreaming for that singular hope. She is not going to nag you to get married, but if anything, she is going to help you achieve your dreams. She knows the importance of dreams because she is a dreamer herself.

2. She knows how to hold her whiskey and herself.

 Girl Drinks Whiskey 

You need not worry about her after she had a few rounds of liquor. She knows how to not let the liquor rule over her mind. She won’t embarrass you in parties. She knows her strengths. She translates the same behavior in complicate life situations. Circumstances don’t terrify her. She remains amazingly calm and solved at the face of complexities.

3. She is easy to have an interesting conversation with.

Girl Drinks Whiskey 

She is not going to scare you away when you try to approach her. If you can just get yourself together and approach her, you will realize that she is very receptive of new people who want to cook up a conversation. She will make you feel comfortable. You will also realize, she has some very interesting way to look at life that most other girls lack.

4. She is an alpha female.

Girl Drinks Whiskey 

She is, most possibly, an alpha. She is not here to fill her glass at the expense of others unless otherwise compelled to. She will probably pay for you instead. She is confident and ambitious. She has a high self-respect and if someone treats her like the way she deserves not, she will be quick to draw a line between her and that person. No one messes up with her pride.

5. She either loves you too much or cares too less about you. There is no in between.

Girl Drinks Whiskey 

When she loves you, she loves you. You shouldn’t have an iota of doubt about her loyalty towards you. She can sail the five oceans, seven continents and meet a million people, but you would remain her home. But if you treat her wrong, she isn’t going to forgive you easily. She would despise you from the core of her heart. She either loves too much or cares too little. There is no in between.

6. She is not impressed easily, but she is definitely worth chasing.

Girl Drinks Whiskey 

She might be easy to approach and easy to talk to, but the most difficult part about her is to make her fall in love with you. She doesn’t take decisions in hurry or fall for too little charisma. She is always doing some mathematics in her mind and every decision she makes is always calculated. But that makes her someone who should be chased though she is definitely not easy.

7. She is mature.

Girl Drinks Whiskey 

You might have already assumed it by the traits mentioned above. She is not someone who is interested in flings, passionless affairs or mediocre conversations. She is profound in her thinking and has great insights. She is not very interested in small talks but is always in for a deep conversation. She is someone with whom you can share your philosophies, fears and aspirations comfortably without getting her tired.

8. She is emotional but shows it rarely.

 Girl Drinks Whiskey

Why do you think she loves too much or cares too little? She is emotional. She is a rare mix of extreme emotions and ability to confine them within her. She maintains a firm composure and doesn’t let you see this aspect of her. She appears apathetic. And while she knows how to hold her liquor, it is after sometimes she has had too many shots of whiskey that she lets her emotions flow. But then, you need to be close to her to see her in her raw self.

9. She is straight forward and badass.

Girl Drinks Whiskey 

She is not someone who will say something in front of you and something behind you. Her descriptions about you don’t change in accordance to whether you are in front of her or not. If there is something about you that you need to work on, she will let you know about it upfront. She is a total badass and opinionated. She makes her own choices and doesn’t back down in front of situations. She is often way too brave for her own good.

10. She can hang out with your gang.

Girl Drinks Whiskey 

She doesn’t feel uncomfortable to hang out with a group of guys despite of being the single girl. This is not a sign of her underestimating dangers. As you know already, she has had made her calculations and knows in which group of boys she should be and in which she shouldn’t. She would be a perfect company for you to hang out with along with your gang.

11. She is probably sapiosexual.

Reasons To Date A Girl Who Drinks Whiskey 

You might not need to be well-suited to impress her. A few intelligent and humorous one-liners might just do the trick. She values intelligence and wisdom more than how well dressed you are. She knows that beauty is skin-deep and nothing turns her more than an intelligent conversation with someone. This makes it difficult for others to try to steal her away from you because they don’t have any clue what they are chasing after.

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