A viral video has emerged that shows a woman pinning down a man who was harassing her on the streets of Brazil and proceeds to pummel her breast on his face in supposed retaliation.
Woman Pins Male Harasser Down, Proceeds To Rub Breasts On His Face As Punishment In Viral Video

The sexual abuse and harassment that women face every day have no measurable boundary. Even though there are campaigns being run and hashtags being trended on social media women continue to face harassment and sexual abuse on a daily basis and gets treated as a sex object in movies and serials. 

Many groups and individuals are trying to bring awareness to the fact that women do not feel safe in public and should not be treated as a sex object. In their pursuit of trying to do good many a times, these groups and societies come up with such bizarre idea that they actually turn out to be sexually exploitative. So if the upskirting trend met with much criticism a similar video has emerged which has come under severe criticism because its goal of not sexualizing women has come kaput. 

A viral video has emerged that shows a woman pinning down a man who was harassing her on the streets of Brazil and proceeds to rub her breast on his face as ‘punishment’ while the man is seen squirming and trying to break free. The woman cornered the supposed ‘sex pest’, stripped off and proceeded to rub her breasts on his face in anti-sexual harassment stunt.

The footage that was shot in Ribeirao Preto city centre, south-east Brazil shows a saleswoman who is handing out flyers at a busy shopping mall when she pins the man harassing her to the ground with her foot and accuses him of pestering her. She proceeds to take off her t-shirt and shouts at the man on the ground telling him that she is fed up of being treated as a sex object and of being ‘touched and sexually harassed while just doing her job. Is it boobs you want?’ The entire footage is highly theatrical as the supposed assailant pleads for her to stop and tells her that he ‘has done nothing wrong’.

Watch the shocking video here:

The video is graphic and has adult content as the woman goes on to strip her top off, exposing her breasts and straddles the man and goes on to rub her breasts on the man’s face. 

Bystanders are outraged by the woman’s actions as one woman shouts, “This is absurd, there is no justification for doing this. How can you do this in front of children in the city centre? You’re disrespecting women with your actions.”

The outrageous video was staged by a theatre crew who wanted to highlight the unwelcome attention that women receive working in public places which turn into sexually explicit and degrading comments. 

The video was taken down previously because of its content but has resurfaced once again on YouTube. The company who’s t-shirt the woman was wearing said, “There was no involvement of any employee or representative in this theatrical action.


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