#WhatsappDown : Here’s What Happened When WhatsApp Was Down For 30 minutes

 WhatsApp ; WhatsApp Down

WhatsApp is definitely our bae and we cannot stay without it even for one minute. So what happened recently? WhatsApp was down for 30 minutes and the world went blank. Well, panic attacks cannot remain hidden for a long time; so the impatient users used Twitter to express their feelings and trolled WhatsApp for this digital disaster.

It was just 30 minutes but seems like that was a lot for our WhatsApp user and hence they decided to use their free time to troll and mock the digital messaging app. And we must say the trolls are as hilarious as they can be. Don’t believe us? Then have a look right away:


Poor uncles

Is that even possible?

Poor Romeo

Relatable AF

The Mata Rani troll

So, what was your situation? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: ThatScoop

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