Lord Krishna was fondly called 'Makhan Chor'. And on the pious occasion of Janmashtami, devotees offer a special bhog of Makhan Mishri to their beloved deity.
 Krishna Janmashtami

Devotees of Lord Krishna would be celebrating Janmashtami on 14th August 2017. The pious occasion marks the birth of Lord Krishna on earth. It is said that Lord Krishna is the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu, who took birth as a son to Devaki and Vasudev to rid Mathura-wasis (People of Mathura) from the evil and merciless rule of King Kansa.

Born to Devaki and Vasudev, the little lord had to be taken away to the care and nurture of Yashoda and Nanda right at the time of his birth. It was prophesied that the eight son of Devaki and Vasudev would be the cause of Kansa's death. 

To stop the prophecy from coming true, the evil king had imprisoned Devaki and Vasudev, and went on to kill all their six children. But his fate was doomed, and on the night of Krishna's birth, the Gods guided Vasudeva to carry little Krishna to Vrindavan to Yashoda and Nanda, where Krishna spent his childhood, and years later went on to take the life of Kansa as predicted.


Janmashtami marks the birth of Lord Krishna, the eight avatar of Lord Vishnu

At Vrindavan, Krishna was the most notorious child, known across the village for his mischief. Maakhan/Makhan or white butter was Little Krishna's favourite. 

It is said that Mother Yashoda would herself feed Krishna his favourite delight Makhan Mishri (sweetened white butter) every day, but so fond was Krishna of Maakhan that he would even go stealing butter across his village as soon as it was churned, much to the dismay his mother, who had to ultimately tie him to a pole to keep him from stealing butter.

The impish act earned him the famous name 'Maakhan Chor'. And on the pious occasion of Janmashtami, devotees offer a special bhog of Makhan Mishri to their beloved deity. 

The easy to make delectable dish is also one of the prime dish in the Chappan Bhog made for the Lord. Devotees put together a list of 56 food items, which is referred to as the 'Chappan Bhog'. This is later distributed among the devotees when they break the ritualistic fast.

 Happy Krishna Janmashtami

As legend the goes, it constitutes Krishna's favourite dishes and usually includes cereals, fruits, dry fruits, sweets, drinks, namkeen and pickles in quantities of eight under each category. 

Some of the common items which are found in the bhog are Makhan Mishri, kheer, rasgulla, jalebi, rabri, mathri, malpua, mohanbhog, chutney, murabba, saag, dahi, Khichadi, tikkis, milk, cashews etc. 

Even if devotees are not able to put together a chappan bhog for their lord, Makhan Mishri is a staple bhog, which is usually always offered to the deity on Janmashtami.

 On Janmashtami, a Bhog of Makhan Mishri is a must

How to Make Makhan Mishri:

  • Makhan Mishri is very easy and quick to make. All you need is unsalted milk cream and some mishri daana. 

  • You can also collect the cream from the full cream milk - gather the cream on the top of milk over a few days.

  • When you have enough of cream, churn the cream well in a mixer with the help of cool water until the cream turns into a buttery form. 

  • Continue the churning until the butter and the whey starts to separate. 

  • Collect all the butter, and put into to refrigerator to chill for about an hour. 

  • Add the mishri dana(crystallised sugar lumps), as well as some nuts, and offer it to your beloved deity.


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