9 Sixth Sense Abilities You Have Always Had But Never Noticed Them

 humans sixth sense abilities

The human body is weird.

Weird because even with all the medical science advancements, we are still finding out new things about the human body. One age-old concept is that the human body has five basic senses – sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste.

Science now tells us that our senses are not limited to these five senses at all.

There is much more that the human body can detect, and some of these border on science fiction.

1. Ovulating women can sense snakes and gay men around them


In one study, researchers hid snakes in a garden and asked a group of women to detect the snakes as quickly as possible. They found out that the ovulating and pregnant women detected the hidden snakes much quicker than the women who weren’t ovulating.

It is because they have a heightened sense of detecting danger in their surroundings.

This wasn’t it. Another incredible superpower pregnant women have is detecting gay people. Not lesbians, mind you. Jut gay. Because gay men are less likely to abandon a woman for another female. Smart.

2. You can tell if water is hot or cold by just listening to it

 You can tell if water is hot or cold by just listening to it

Water molecule behaviour changes when it heats up. When water is cold, molecules are denser, and vice versa for hot water. Hence, they sound different too.

The next time you are in a shower, listen closely, as the water heats up, it suddenly sounds much more different. And more than 90% of people are good at distinguishing water by just listening to it.

It is fascinating because we thought we could find out whether the water is hot or cold by only touching it.

3. You can literally smell a person’s personality and emotions

You can literally smell a person’s personality and emotions

Have you ever been in a situation when you met a new person and you suddenly start judging him, making psychological notes about him/her in seconds?

You could have been right, because evolution has given us this ability where we can sense emotions and intentions by just smell.

People affected with fear smell differently, and people who are extroverts smell different to us. And turns out, we are very capable at detecting these smells.

4. You can see your hands in the dark

You can see your hands in the dark

In a study conducted by University of Rochester, if you go into a dark room blindfolded and wave your hands in front of you, you can actually see your hand even when you are blindfolded.

And not just that, when your hands move in front of you, your eyes – behind the blindfold – move along with them, as though following them.

The research claims that the brain switches to other sensory information to “see”. Basically, you become a superhuman.

5. Some people can see colors that are beyond normal vision

Some people can see colors that are beyond normal vision

There is a small group of people in this world that can see colors we cannot even imagine. They are called tetrachromats.

They may be superhuman, but we mortals have this ability too. Scientists have tricked people into seeing impossible colors.

The rainbow contains all the colors on the visible spectrum. Turns out the color pink is not in there. The color pink is basically imaginary, and we still see it.

6. Men can tell if a woman is ovulating

Men can tell if a woman is ovulating

When women ovulate, they change – literally. Their voice changes, their hips get larger, their skin becomes blushier and men are very adept at noticing this – subconsciously of course.

In a study conducted, men were paired up with a one-on-one session with women. With non-ovulating women, men tended to be lazy and didn’t really care where it was going, but when it came to ovulating women, the men became more alert and talked with more enthusiasm.

Because they can detect that the women are ovulating.

7. Humans can hear better than fish underwater

 Humans can hear better than fish underwater

On the ground, our hearing is very normal compared to other animals. The hearing range is up to 20,000 hertz. That’s the highest pitch we can hear. Dogs can hear up to 40,000 hertz.

But under water, we can hear up to 200,000 hertz, much more than most of the fish in the sea.

The reason – we hear with our bones. Yes, you read that right. The bones pick up minute vibrations and pass it up to our ear drums and hence our hearing ability suddenly becomes very acute.

Coincidentally, this is the same concept they use in making hearing aids.

8. You continue to see things even after you go blind

You continue to see things even after you go blind

In an interesting study, researchers put photos of sad and happy people in front of blind people. Most of the times, blind people could tell whether the people in the photos were happy or sad correctly.

Blind people do not lose awareness of their surroundings at all and become more aware of it. Like the blind man who was put in a maze and still came out of it successfully, because he could “see”. He was still blind, but his brain figured out a way to get him out of there.

9. Your skin can smell things too

Your skin can smell things too

Yes, your skin can smell, and it uses this ability to heal itself. Soothing smells accelerate skin healing, and foul smells deteriorate this healing.

The cells that are present in your nose are also present in your skin – but in very small quantity.


The human body is a universe in itself, and just like the universe, much needs to be learned and discovered.

Until we know everything about it, we can wonder and be fascinated at its unrecognized marvel.


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