Being intelligent does come with a lot of perks, but at the same time, it comes with its drawbacks as well. While there’s no denying that everybody wants to be around you and be like you, on the flip side, you aren’t exactly what one could call a ‘People’s Person’.


You always need some space for your big-brain and therefore, making friends is not an easy thing for you.


You may share a very bilateral relationship with books and publications but unfortunately, that’s not the same we can say for people.


Here are some everyday plight of life you will relate too, if you’re kind-of-smart but totally not people-friendly.


1. You only give importance to your opinions.


You don't put down people intentionally but your brain does.


You have your own thoughts and opinions about everything in this world that may be slightly superior, backed by your super IQ. And considering how headstrong you are about your opinions, you aren’t able to enjoy the company of those who don’t share the same views.


2. You don’t like wasting time.


You hate the idea of regularly catching up with friends and keeping an eye on who’s doing what. As you are already busy in your own world, working on something much more intellectual, you don’t pay heed to all that socializing jazz.


3. You can sense it when someone is trying too hard.


You may call this a blessing as well because having a sort of sixth sense that can comprehend other person’s thoughts when they’re talking to you is an awesome skill to have. As such, with this ability, when you see someone’s trying too hard to please you, you immediately start distancing yourself from the person.


4. You observe a lot


While others are busy telling stories, you stay quiet and listen to all those stories with precise focus. And when everyone’s done, you tell yourself that you’re mature enough to not get into the shit that they all got themselves in.


5. You hate what you’re seeing happening around you.


Being intelligent doesn’t just constitute having book knowledge, it also means having some stability of the mind. As such, when you see others around you (including friends) indulging in infidelity, backstabbing their friends and being ungrateful to their colleagues, you feel like you’re absolutely okay living in your own world.


6. You are perfectly fine interacting with the select few you already like


You don’t want to go out every day, meet hundreds of new people and then cultivate friendships with some of them. Instead, you’ve already chosen the people you want to be close to you and believe in keeping your circle small.


7. You don’t want to be with people just for the sake of formality.


For you, if there’s someone who matters, you will do everything you can to be with that person. But just because you’re scared of being lonely, or because formal decorum asks for it, doesn’t mean that you’ll be making friends with random strangers any time soon.


8. You look for someone’s mind before their heart.


Usually, people connect with other people when they share the same feelings about something or someone. When they tend to share the same likes/dislikes, have the same hobbies or connect over shared personality traits.


But for you, it’s all about the brains and if someone matches up to your level of intelligence, you don’t mind being friends with them. Unfortunately, interacting with such people is a rare occurrence for you.



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