This Massive Video Leak Shows Us The First Galaxy S8 Hands-On Video

This Massive Video Leak The First samsung Galaxy S8 Hands-On Video

Ever since the Note 7 debacle, the world has set their eyes on Samsung as they are on the verge of announcing their latest flagship smartphone soon. Samsung at the Mobile World Congress declared that the company will be officially revealing the phone on March 29th in New York. 

Journalists and insiders have been speculating about the phone and some have contributed reliable information that can only be classified as rumours at this point.

However, there is a new hands-on video of the Galaxy S8 that has surfaced and what better timing than during MWC 2017. These series of clips are very short and were discovered by SamMobile. It isn't a very detailed video but it does suggest what we can expect from Samsung when they unveil the phone.

As prior leaks indicate, this video also confirms that the phone will have very small bezels, a fingerprint reader at the back of the phone, no home button and a big display-to-body ratio. The clips also show that the Galaxy S8 will have a new Android navigation drawer on the bottom of the screen.

Much like other video leaks, we can only gather this information; however, this video does show a demo phone that is fully functional. The phones are expected to go on sale one month after the announcement i.e. April 21st. Samsung is expected to launch two variants i.e. the Galaxy S8 and the S8+, which will have a larger screen.

Have a look at the hands-on video of the Samsung S8 below:


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