Iphone8: Apple's Iphone 8 Details leaked, to be priced at $1000


Although Apple's Iphone 8 release dates are still months away but the rumors are swapping the market. The new leak can destroy your hope and dream of purchasing the Iphone 8. 

The leaked media reports suggest that  Apple can range its new Iphone in the range of $1000. It is believed that Apple will launch the Iphone 8 in September along with upgrade versions of Iphone 7 and Iphone 7plus (with brand name Iphone 7S and Iphone 7S Plus).The 5.8-inch iPhone 8 with an OLED display — that may be called 'iPhone X'

The upcoming iPhone 8 would also come with wireless charging.A previously leaked report claimed that out of the a 5.8-inch display, only 5.15-inch would be usable. The rest of the space would feature a "function area".

Reports also Suggest that Apple will shrink the top and bottom bezels to make iPhone 8 smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus.

The report claimed that  iPhone 8 will be the most expensive smartphone Apple has ever released,priced at $1,000.

The company was also planning to introduce a new connector type for accessories for the iPhone, iPad and other devices through its official Made-for-iPhone (MFi) licensing programme.

Called 'Ultra Accessory Connector' (UAC), the eight-pin connector is slightly less thick than USB-C and near half as wide as both USB-C and Lightning.

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