Have you ever thought that someone tongue could be prized

By now you have been hearing about prized jewelry, clothing, household goods, etc. , But have you ever thought that the tongue can also be valuable.Can the Price of any human tongue will be 9 crore rupees?

Listening to the fancy amount of 9 crore, many are flabbergasted. Today we are going to tell about a girl Whose tongue is worth Rs 9 crore.

Even though it may surprise you but it's very true that a girl's tongue is of worth Rs 9 crore. The Cadbury company have insured Haylei Kartis tongue for one million pounds,which is near about 9 crore rupees in Indian Currency.

Now Question arises What is so special in Kartis' tongue for which Cadbury have insured her tongue for one Million Pound.

Actually Haylei Kartis is a member of Cadbury's chocolate testing team, compromise of 300 members, where she use to  test Cadbury chocolates by tasting them and hence in order to preserve her Tongue company have insured her tongue for one million pound and have also instructed Haylei Kartis not to hurt her tongue.


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