14 year Harshwardhan Zala signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) worth Rs. 5 crore with the state government.

At the age when we all were busy in playing along the corner of our street or any park or just preparing our-self for our exams , the 14 year Old teen from Gujarat, Harshwardhan Zala is Garnering rave Reviews for his brilliant creation that is going to help our Nation and our Brave Soldiers in long run.Harshwardhan Zala signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) worth Rs. 5 crore with the state government. 

Here on Thursday  at the Vibrant Gujarat Summit the 14 years Old Harshwardhan  was looking Dapper in his blue suit and was getting praised from all around the corners for his highly innovative  Drone invention.On Thursday Harshwardhan  signed a Deal with the State Government of Rs. 5 crore .This Teen struck a Deal with the Department of Science and Technology, to facilitate production of a drone that can help in detecting and defusing landmines in the war zone.

Harshwardhan told that, "the inspiration to create such drone struck to his mind while watching on Television that a large number of soldiers  succumb to injuries sustained due to landmine blast while defusing them manually."

What So Special About The Drone:

According to  Harshwardhan,  the drone  is equipped with RGB sensors , infrared , thermal meter along with the 21-megapixel camera with mechanical shuttle,that can take high resolution pictures as well as . While flying at a height  of 2 feet off the ,the Drone is capable of sending out Waves that can cover the area of 8 sq. meters. These Waves will help to detect the landmines and will send the location of the landmine to the base center.

He also added that the Drone is capable of Carrying a bomb weighing 50 gm ,that is can be used to destroy the landmine.

Harshwardhan started working on the prototype in year 2016. It is reported that the teen spent a total amount  of Rs. 5 lakh on the prototypes ,out of which Rs. 2 lakh for the first two prototypes,were financed by his Parents , and for the 3rd prototype, Rs. 3 lakh were Funded by the State.

This young prodigy has already set up his own company called ‘Aerobotics’ and registered a patent under his name.  Zala was inspired to get his product patented after a visit to the Google headquarters in the US. 

This MoU is definitely a stepping stone towards success for Zala and we hope that this dream of his comes true. 


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