A man needs to dress well to be called a complete man, but knowing just the basics of men’s fashion world cannot up your style game. In addition to the basics, you need to know a lot more to be well-dressed.

Minor fashion changes can make a huge difference in your overall personality. You need to know what fashion changes will make you stand out from the crowd and get you the right kind of attention.

Keeping this in mind, we bring to you the small fashion changes you can inculcate in your daily lives which will make you more stylish!

1. Forget that decade old hairstyle and ask your stylist to give you an undercut hairstyle NOW!

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Undercut is the best hairstyle of the season and we think you should get it too. It is fresh and trendy. It is surely here to give your personality the change you were looking for.

2. Shave now to get that suave, sophisticated look right

While shaving, remember to use a proper razor to get that neat, gentlemanly look that women totally dig. Make sure even the smallest beard hair is covered while shaving because small, uneven patches of hair that are left behind look rather ugly.

We recommend using the Gillette Fusion Proglide with Flexball for the ultimate clean shaven look which is surely going to get you the best shave ever.

Own it here.

3. Get the fitting of your clothing right up to the mark. No loose fit clothes, PLEASE!

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Fitting is the most important detail you can focus on in your outfits. Fitting is surely going to make a huge difference to your dressing and we think it is the easiest to do for dressing well.

4. Add small accessories to your outfits which will surely enhance your look

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Backpacks, belts, watch, and messenger bags are a few accessories we think you should really try and add to your look to make it complete.

5. Match the colour of your belts with your shoes

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A very basic example of how you can bring a change in your dressing and make a style statement! Brown shoes with a brown belt or black shoes with black belt is what we are talking about here.

6. Folding the cuffs of your denims/trousers would only make you more stylish

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There is no doubt that folding the cuffs of your denims/trousers is the trend these days and we see no reason why you shouldn’t be doing it. A fold or two would just add to your look.

7. Wear Pink more often than not!

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You might think pink is not the colour for men but trust us, pink is the go-to colour for being the metrosexual man you want to be. It will surely make you look more stylish. Bring in more and more pink in your wardrobe and rock it in style. Look at the different shades of pink and choose accordingly!

8. Contrasting socks or no-show socks

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We recommend you wear contrasting colour of socks with your trousers which are really trendy nowadays or no socks at all. If you want to rock the no socks looks, we suggest you wear ‘no show socks’.

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