Here's a comprehensive list of all the picturesque, thrilling, and quaint places in India that are a delight for every traveller.

2017 is finally here! As you embrace this year full of promises, I am sure there is a slew of resolutions you have firmly decided to follow this year. One resolution that surely occupies the top slot in everyone's wishlist is the goal to travel more this year with your ever adventurous gang or your solemate. We understand that it gets hectic to find new places and make a detailed travel plan with so much going on. That's why we decided to bring to you a list of all the places you can explore each month, activities you can partake in and the places where you can head to after you are done with the day's adventure.

Here's a comprehensive list of all the picturesque, thrilling, and quaint places in India that are a delight for every traveller.

1. January- Enjoy EDM parties in Goa


Any vacation plan is incomplete without the mandatory mention of Goa! Music fests in Goa have their own charm and they are best enjoyed in January. Now, what could be a better way to kick start your year?

What Can You Do: Enjoy the laid back atmosphere, awesome music, and delicious seafood.

Where Can You Stay: Shangri-La Jungle Village, Villagio- A Sterling Holidays Resort or Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort

2. February- Enjoy the magic of Indian culture in Jaisalmer


Experience the enigmatic charm of the desert and the richness of Indian culture in Jaisalmer. The weather is just perfect during February and it is the best time for a three-day-long power packed Desert Festival.

What Can You Do: Enjot the folk dance, musical performances and attend art & craft fairs.

Where Can You Stay: Chokhi Dhani The Palace Hotel or Hotel Rang Mahal

3. March- Visit the ‘Queen of Hills' in Darjeeling


No one can come back without tons of memories from this delightful place. Darjeeling is a haven for anyone who loves nature. We are sure you will go back again and again to the ‘Queen of Hills'.
What Can You Do: Explore the rock gardens, colonial architecture, pristine valleys, and soaring mountains

Where Can You Stay: Valentino Hotel or Crescent Resort

4. April- Enjoy a vacation in the snowy laps of Auli


Escape the scorching summers for a frosty vacation in Auli. It is one of the best skiing destinations in India and is a favourite of tourists from all over the world.

What Can You Do: Skiing, sledding and enjoying the scenic view of the Himalayas from your resort

Where Can You Stay: Clifftop Club or Monal Resort

5. May- Discover the unknown in the misty valleys of Kodaikanal


May is the ideal month to explore Kodaikanal with friends or family. With the onset of monsoons, everything is greener and beautiful. The weather will give you the much-needed respite from your city life.

What Can You Do: Visit the famous caves and forests, camping, trekking, and motorcycle tours

Where Can You Stay: Hill Country Resorts Kodaikanal or Hotel Wood Palace

6. June- Learn the tribal way of living in Nagaland


Appreciate the beauty of lush valleys and primeval splendor in Nagaland. If you are lucky enough, you can also enjoy the Hornbill festival at Kisama Heritage Village (12 km away from Kohima). It is a week long festival where people of Nagaland celebrate their art, culture, food and perform for each other.

What Can You Do: Attend different tribal festivals, trekking, exploring the ruins, and spotting wildlife in a sanctuary

Where Can You Stay: de Oriental Grand Hotel or Hotel Theja Fort

7. July- Enjoy a trek in the serene passes of Ladakh


Take a therapeutic journey on the high passes of Ladakh. The spectacular whites of the Himalayas, crystal blue waters and lush green meadows will cast a spell on your senses. End your day by offering prayers in the immense calmness of the monasteries.

What Can You Do: Motorcycle tours, campaigning, skiing, and meditate in a monastery

Where Can You Stay: Hotel Grand Nubra or The Druk Ladakh

8. August- Escape to the pristine beaches of Andaman Island


The sparkling waters and clear beaches of Andaman Islands are an absolute retreat for tourists. The hilly areas of the island covered with palm and coconut trees is a visual treat for everyone. Not only this, if you are a water sports enthusiast, there's a plethora of activities you can try from.

What Can You Do: Snorkeling, scuba diving, beach bumming, and museum trail

Where Can You Stay: Fortune Resort or Hotel Hilltop International

9. September- Experience nature's wonder in Ziro


An off-beat tourist destination, Ziro is untouched and unspoiled. Surrounded by hills and lush green paddy fields, this is an ideal place to enjoy a laid-back vacation. You can also attend the famous Ziro music festival if you are a music enthusiast.

What Can You Do: Attend the Ziro music festival, visit district museum and explore the Sacred Groves

Where Can You Stay: Ziro Valley Resort or Abasa Homestay

10. October- Get amazed by architectural wonders in Hampi


Hampi is one of the 32 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India. The magnificent temples and architectural wonders will leave you mesmerized. October is the ideal month to take a trip to this ancient village and enjoy the ruins.

What Can You Do: Cliff jumping, temple sightseeing, visit the Ghats in Hampi, and climbing the hills

Where Can You Stay: Clarks Inn or Royal Orchid Central Kireeti

11. November- Spend your vacation in God's Own Country, Kerala


An ideal getaway, Kerala is the place where you can get lost in the scenic and breathtaking view of the backwaters. Its distinct culture and charming beauty is a sharp contrast to the fast paced city life. This makes it the perfect place to rejuvenate and relax.

What Can You Do: Cruise on houseboats, sunbath, pamper yourself in a spa, and try water sports

Where Can You Stay: Wayanad Resort or Kumarakom Lake Resort

12. December- End your year on a beautiful note in breathtakingly beautiful Konark


End your year on a beautiful and romantic note in Konark. Spend some time with your love in the lap of nature. Don't miss out Konark Dance Festival and various classical Indian arts and culture.

What Can You Do: Visit Sun temple, attend the annual dance fest, and take a stroll on the golden sands.

Where Can You Stay: Nature Camp Konark Retreat or Golden Sands, A Sterling Holidays Resort



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