Napoleon Hill once said “Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it!” and 26-year-old Ram Chandra goes on to prove exactly that. Chandra is a software engineer working at Google and is based in Seattle, while his father, Tejaram Sankhla works as a labourer in Rajasthan’s Sojat town.

50-year-old Tejaram loads henna onto trucks and earns somewhere between Rs. 100 to Rs. 400 a day. Ram’s mother worked as a labourer at construction sites as well but after he got a job, she looks after the 1.5-acre farmland they bought with Ram’s salary. “He was bright since childhood. We knew that he will improve the family’s fortunes some day,” said the proud mother of Ram Chandra.

Just like other kids who want their parents to relax once they start working, Ram too wants his father to take life easy; however, his father wants to continue working since he has worked his entire life and feels useless without anything to do. Speaking to the Hindustan Times from the US, Ram said “I keep telling him not to work but he doesn’t listen to me.” To help the students preparing for the IIT entrance exams, Ram even took a Facebook Live session with the students of a Kota coaching institute. Ram is an alumnus of IIT-Roorkee (2009 batch).

Recalling his college days, Ram added how there were people who helped him pay his first semester fees and counseling fees. He even mentioned how they bought a suitcase and clothes for him to wear in college, and there were some who raised nearly Rs. 30,000 to buy a laptop for him. To help his family lead a better lifestyle, he even built a kitchen for his parents with the Rs. 70,000 scholarship amount he received from college. Earlier, he used to cook dinner on an earthen stove.

Talking about his interaction with the students he said, “Interacting with students at this time when they are halfway through the preparation is important because they need motivation for next three months before they take India’s toughest competitive exam.” We totally agree with him, in a tense environment where everyone is racing ahead to get a seat in such coveted institutes, words of success boosts their morale. In October last year, he taught at an orphanage in Kota for a month. Ram wants to help the students; maybe it’s his way of doing his bit for the society. In fact, he used his scholarship to send his younger sister to Jodhpur to prepare for the engineering entrance exams. Talking about his siblings, his brother dropped out of school after he failed class 8 thrice and now works at a shoe shop in Pune, whereas his sister failed her B.Sc exams and now stays at home.

If you think things were rosy for him, let ustell you this – he picked up English language by watching English movies and repeating the dialogues using the subtitles. If that doesn’t count for hard work and dedication, we wonder what does? What’s more, Ram wants to become a social worker and says that he will work until his family becomes financially secure. After that he will start living with his family in Sojat. His journey from a village in India to the Google campus is the reward for a life of hard work and a lesson to everyone that there is nothing that can’t be achieved if you believe hard enough.



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