Yet Another Surgical Strike! Salt Prices Rise From Rs 18 Per Kg To Rs 400 Per Kg! Know The Truth!

Since the time Modi government has banned Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, people have gone crazy. Everyone is standing in long lines in banks to exchange or deposit their old notes.


Amidst all this, there is yet another surgical strike and this time it is related to our daily ingredient “Salt”. In many places of the country, the prices of salt have gone up super-duper high. Earlier, the same salt which used to be sold at Rs 18 to 20/kg is now being sold at prices as high as Rs 400/kg in UP, can you believe that?

Due to these rumors, there is already a shortage of salt at grocery stores. Yes, people have got restless hearing this and are lining up outside shops for buying up to 10 packets of salt, so that they don’t have to buy it at higher prices later on.


The rumor!

Wait, this is not the truth, it is just a “Rumor”. There are rumors that say Tata has stopped producing salt, due to which this problem has occurred. This rumor has been spread through social media and people are making it viral in no time. Now, owing to these rumors, people are flocking outside stores to purchase packs of salt in bulk. Think twice before believing such stories.


In some places, an artificial scarcity of salt has been created by shopkeepers; this is really bad, isn’t it? The ADG (Law and Order) Daljit Chaudhary said that action would be taken against those spreading these rumours. “There is no shortage of salt,”, he said. Already 4 people responsible for spreading these rumors have been arrested in Ghaziabad!

It is high time we stop misusing social media. These platforms are just for fun and entertainment and not for disturbing routine life like this. The rumor-spreaders might be getting pleasure in doing so, but they should spare just 1 minute and put themselves in the shoes of other people who get restless on hearing these rumors. Shame on them!

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