New notes of Rs.2000 were introduced in India with a claim that these will be extremely difficult to counterfeit and hence would make weeding out black money in India easy. As per reports, a fake note of Rs.2000 Denomination from the brand new design has been discovered in ChikmangUlur.

According to Vijay Karnataka, the note was handed over by an unknown person to a vendor in the APMC market. As per initial reports, the note was found to be of different colour and the edges were trimmed using scissors. A News X journalist had even tweeted about the incident.

Although the sudden ban on Rs.1000 & 500 notes was hailed as a great step towards eliminating black money, there were questions as to how Government plans to keep counterfeit bills in check. As more of these notes get into circulation and Rs.1000/500 completely eliminated, anti-national elements will definitely explore the option of going the counterfeit way. Before accepting new notes, please do double check to ensure they are original!


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