Check out different ways to distinguish between an authentic designer bag from a replica

 In today's market of higher competition whenever we go out to purchase some good then there is always a chance of becoming victim of frauds as in the today's market it is really very difficult to distinguish between an authentic Branded product and replica.And when it comes to designer bag it seems to be lot more difficult.

 But There are many ways to distinguish between an authentic designer bag from a replica. From a genuine guarantee card, a proper identification stamp to cheap interior -- there are many clues, says an expert.

Kapila Gupta, founder of -- an online platform for authentic luxury products in India -- shares how one can tell if a designer bag is real or fake.

* Best way to spot a fake and a real designer bag is the guarantee card that you get with the original bag. This guarantee card helps you to resell your bag, hence making it an investment rather than being a liability.

* High-end bags will never come with a shield-shaped leather swatch hang tag. They will always come with the company’s image attached to it.

* A very important and a big indicator is whether the bag has a proper identification stamp or not. The letters are code for the country in which the bag was made, while the numbers indicate when it was made. The second and fourth numbers stand for the year, while the first and third numbers are for the week in that year.

* The next important thing to look for is the stitching. Stitching on the fake bag is sloppy and not really straight.

* Con-artists pay little or no attention on the interior. Mostly they line the interior with plastic or cheap tan or brown suede making it easy for to spot the difference between fake and original.

*Check the zipper manufacturer, usually the underside of the zipper will have a logo. Many handbag manufacturers use the same high quality zipper manufacturer on all of their bags. 


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